Faith is it just a belief we are saved or is it something we should be doing?

Is faith something what we just believe or its it actually something that we are to be using? The body of Christ has all power and authority in heaven and earth, if we can stop thinking of ourselves and even our own churches and focus on God's will and love on a global basis.

This means we and not governments or anything else have the power and authority to end starvation and a host of other problems and needs if we will but only communicate with each other and work together to share God's love and His will with all on earth.

Now either all that is true or scripture is in error? It is more than just a belief, but really faith in action. By faith we can do all things through Christ if we have the heart to do so. So do we really have the heart of God to do so?

If you felt God's pull on your heart as you read this, leave a note and lets see what we can do by working as one body.

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