For real woman! Real woman that want to know the truth

I am so MAD at the devil! He has fooled my Father children; Being He is the KING, of KING that makes you my sister Queens! So why do you think, HOW CAN YOU THINK you will attract A REAL MAN that will love, and RESPECT you showing your GOODS to these peeping toms? I’m sorry if I opened you, it REAL TALK! Your worth is not in your body, it is your mind! Your worth is being a help meet to a Real Man, A MAN THAT LOVE GOD WITH HIS WHOLE HEART! Me I think what Real Man will want His wife showing her good to the world, then what does He have to look forward to the so special night when He put that ring on your finger! So women I challenge you to the TRUTH! Stop exposing your goods, SEX will never be the way to get a REAL MEN! SEX will only get you these peeping toms! A REAL MAN would tell you my sweet heart, my LOVE why are you in your night close that’s supposes to be for you and me in our bed room! Not for the world to see, what my WIFE has for me! I pray that you hear me and you evil unclean spirit you have to lose my Father children from your hold! You will go in to the place where Yeshua has for you to go then you will never return! The time is now you go, you unclean spirit! My Father children are cover by Yeshua’s blood so you who read this you’re free! YOU ARE FREE IN THE NAME OF MY LORD, In Yeshua’s name, O, to you that don’t know Jesus name! Your free now clean it up my friend! I promise you the man God has for you will love you; even more, He will respect you even greater if you do this for yourself! So go your way and by free from this strong hold! You are a child of the most HIGH, a Child of a King that makes you a Queen! ONLY IF YOU would receive this then Believe in yourself, I PRAY you in Jesus name! Your brother

Apostle Aundrae T. Shaw

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