Greetings Pastors and leaders, CHECK THIS OUT, pray about it, then let us hear your thoughts... God Bless!

Emerge Inc. Church in the mall Northeast, GA 30339

Greetings, We here at Emerge, believes that our present structure of what we as Christians call church, is vastly lacking in its resemblance to the church in its first glory as mentioned in Haggai 2:3, “Who Is left among you who saw this temple in its first glory? and how do you see it now? Does it not seem to you like nothing in comparison”?  When God established His church His emphasis was not on the four walls that encompassed the people, but rather His focus was on the people that gathered within the four walls. At Emerge, we believe that the body of Christ is in a desperate need for a change as it relates to our current method of strategy. According to the great commission, we were not called to make members; we were called to make disciples of all men. In order to disciple more of God’s, we need to acquire more space. Joining our forces, resources and finances together will allow us to accomplish this task effortlessly. Also we need to go into the places where the majority of people generally are. Since the church is composed of people and the people are at the mall, it is for this very purpose that Emerge will be established as a Mall church. It is our endeavor and overall mission to develop every aspect of the believers’ spiritual lives as it relates to their connection to God and His people. Our passion is to be a place where people from every stage of life can come to make these fundamental connections as we partner with local pastors, in a total life changing initiative. Mall Church will provide a two-fold blessing; it will create an atmosphere that will allow more of God’s people to be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It also will provide those pastors and leaders who are willing to combine their resources, the opportunity of releasing their God-given insight without the added self-inflicted stresses that comes through individuality. This merging of visions will also allow for a needed increase of spiritual protection in the area of wise counsel. We believe that God has truly given each pastor a vision; however, that vision is merely a spiritual aspect of God’s overall mission to establish His Kingdom rule upon the earth. Therefore, the statement, “our church” is irrelevant as it relates to our fulfillment of God’s purpose as pastors. It is for this reason that we feel it to be an unwise and even costly decision for every pastor to struggle in an attempt to acquire and maintain their own ministry facility. In the scripture it states, “One can put a thousand to flight, and two can put ten thousand to flight”, so just imagine if pastors would join their individual visions together in a strategic warfare attack against Satan’s kingdom, how many demons we could send running and how many of God’s children would we be able to see delivered and set free through the power of God’s corporate anointing.  This is a clarion call to all of our brothers and sisters within the body of Christ, and especially those who have been hearing the sound from heaven. God is calling His body to return, rebuild and restore the foundations of His church. This call for all who stand in the office of the 5-Fold leadership; Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, all departmental heads, all laity, marketplace leaders, business leader, entrepreneurs young and old; to join forces in such a time as this, as we allow God to position and reposition us for His great commission. God has not only called you or I, but us, to emerge; dropping all individuality and coming together as one body, as we  engage on the enemies camp, as one nation under God. We are soliciting the prayers and support of all nationalities and ethnicities of people; elders, intercessors, worshipers and foot solders of all levels all across this nation, to stand with us as we answer the call to launch God’s vision, Emerge 2013, at the Cobb Galleria.  Out of all of Atlanta’s major malls, we discovered that Cobb Galleria has an average of 86,180 daytime employees, 2 million visitors annually; they are the second highest in tourism, and just minutes from the local Military Base, with more than 9,000 cars passing through daily.   This ministry will be a lifeline to not only the city of Atlanta, but to all surrounding cities and states and across this great nation.     If while reading this, you feel that God is speaking to you, please contact us via email for more information about the mandate. Please attach information with your ministry gifts, credentials, and position. We will contact you via email for a scheduled conference call for those out of state or country. If you are local there will be a meeting scheduled so that we at Emerge will have the opportunity to pray and speak with you regarding this monumental opportunity, and to give you a clear view of the mission. We're all on a journey and we all have a story.  We invite to journey with us, to make your story part of ours.   We want to make sure you understand the vision and the importance of the call. We believe in order to follow there must be clear insight as to where we are going, why we are going and how we will get there. We know that God has giving us dominion over a specific territory and now it’s time, to take the land. This mission is time sensitive so please respond quickly.

Pastor’s Randall & Donceletta Mitchell Founders of Emerge

Contact us: (678)939-7192 or (678)941-9301

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