Full Gospel Baptist: A Work of the Flesh? Or The Work of the Spirit?

Is Full Gospel Baptist a "genuine" move of God? How is it possible for the leadership of "Full Gospel" to bridge the gap between Baptist and Pentecostal when they are ignorant of church history? Is it an attempt to do its damage from "within" so as to destroy the faith and life of the Church today? Is it possible to trace that of the history of Full Gospel Baptist with early Gnosticism? What is the nature and character of Gnosticism throughout the history of the first and second century early church?

The striking aspect of early Gnosticism is to be compatible with the teaching of the Church (e.g. "divinity" of Christ) so as to be palatable with biblical Christianity and the historic Christian church but to do its damage from "within" so as to eat away at the superstructure of the church with its disease-substance teachings (2 Tim. 2:17, 18).

The history of "Full Gospel" Baptist have in fact borrowed from various religious traditions: that of Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Word-Faith as apart of its own historical scheme, thus weaken the faith and life of the Church through the infection of neo-Gnosticism. The "deadly" infection of neo-Gnosticism are like "parasites" that eat away at the foundation of the Church as to its skeletal remains. The church is no longer the church by which it is not recognizable.  This is a brief capsule of the history of Gnosticism which has come in the form of The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International spearheaded by Bishop Paul S. Morton.

The Church as a whole as well as its own leadership are unaware of the dangerous implication of Gnosticism has that plagued the Church's faith and in ruining the moral lives of believers.

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