Proverbs 11:24

There is that scattered, and yet increased, and there is that withhold more than is meet, but it tended to poverty.

There is only one way to get money. This is by giving away what you have. For you to have money you must make giving your way of life.
Give to God and give to brethren in need. This is the only way you can prosper in the kingdom
Holding tight to what you have tonight will only lead to poverty and lack.

This attitude has plunged a lot of people deep into the pit of financial hardship.
God has given me the mandate and revelation in his word to liberate people from this pit, I therefore have the privilege to help people of God to obtain their financial victory through the power in the word of God.

It is my sincere desire and prayer that as you that is here in this network will find a life transforming secrets that will take you to greater heights of prosperity.
The plan and purpose of God for us is that we prosper according to God’s prophetic calendar.
This is the era for the Church to prosper and if you are born again and have identified with the church of Christ, your prosperity is guaranteed.
As from today because you are a member of this network,:
1- Poverty and lack can not be your portion again in the name of Jesus,

2- As from today receive the grace to prosper in his kingdom, in the name of Jesus;

Economic dryness and the failing of Government policies shall never affect your destiny again , in the name of Jesus.


I command every lack in your life to walk out now. Every expression of poverty in your life, in your ministry walks out now, In the name of Jesus.
I command prosperity to walk into your life now in the name of Jesus
I command abundance, I command riches walk in now in the mighty name of Jesus. So SHALL IT BE. You will have enough from today.

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Comment by PASTOR ANGELA OBIAGELI on November 11, 2009 at 2:09am
- Psalm 50:5 – Gather my saints together unto me, those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.

- Covenants are made by sacrifice.

- 11chronicles 15:12- And they entered into covenant to seek the lord God of their fathers with all their heart and with all their soul.

God is a God of Covenant that is why every thing in his kingdom works by covenant. The power of wealth is released on the platform of the covenant.
When you step into the covenant as a believer, you begin to encounter the power to get wealth.
It is therefore the covenant you practice that set you on the pinnacle of greatness.
Now for a believer to enjoy that covenant of financial glory there is something you must do and that is “GIVING” You don’t pray or fast for a covenant, you just enter it.
The bible said they people of Israel entered into covenant with God through sacrifice you don’t confess it rather you enter it.

- Would you enter into a covenant with God to be the best in his service?
- Please if you are not going to do so cheerfully, don’t come. God only receives offerings that are cheerfully given 2 Corinthians 9:7 .
- Get connected to the source today.

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