God Can Win Victories With A Fully Committed Minority

Minority - a group of persons or things numbering less than half of a total. Gideon started out with 32,000----22,000---10,000----300---. God can win victories with a fully committed minority Infinite as He is which is not limited or bundless. Omipresent - present everywhere, omipotent- all power and omiscience - all knowledge. Our God wanted Gideon's soliders to see it was God not them ,but by power or elimination. We can be confident of victory against life challeges and temptations only if we put our confidence in God and not ourselves. Our minds are finite in nature, imperfect and limitless. So we need power that we receive in union with Christ which is sufficient(more than enough) to do his will and to face the challegs that arise from our commitment to our God. Yes, we are going to face troubles, pressures and trials but as they come we must ask Christ to strengthen us. God can win victories with a fully committed minority. Gideon and his army did it with a SHOUT. WE CAN SHOUT NOW! because the battle belongs to God. The Lord allow the enemy to fall into panic and confusion. Not one man had to draw a sword to defeat the enemy and we don't have to draw a natural sword but our spiritual sword is the word of God. God wanted to demonstrate that victory depends not on strength or numbers but on obedience and commitment to HIM. Gideon was not perfect but God can use us with all of our imperfections if we are committed to Him and his work. So snap out of it because WE CAN WIN VIICTORIES WITH A FULLY COMMITTED MINORITY. Where there are 2 or 3 God is in the midst. To God Be The Glory!!!!!!!

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Comment by Apostle Myra Pearson on August 25, 2009 at 11:56am
Amen it is seeing beyond the natural eye.Yes it does require Faith To God Be The Glory and thank you for the comment.

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