God is Raising up a People of War


The warfare between “Good “an “Evil,” as recorded in the Bible from Gen. 3:15 to Rev. 20:10,  is most intensely important for God’s people to read and understand.  Satan tempts Eve. She eats, and Adam with her. They are both cast out of the Garden. First victory scored by Satan. Satan enters Cain. The result Abel is murdered. Victory number two for Satan. The “Sons of God” at Satan’s instigation marry the “daughters of men.” Result in the Flood.  Victory number three for Satan. Noah delivered from the Flood is tempted to drink, yields, and a curse falls on Ham. Victory number four for Satan. The people multiply and Satan fills their heart with pride and presumption. The tower of Babel is built, the result the “Confusion of Tongues” and the unity of the race broken up. Victory number five for Satan. Then God calls Abraham through whom the promised “Seed of the Woman,” The second Adam, should come who was to bruise Satan’s head. Now the fight begins in earnest. We have only space to indicate it. First Satan closes Sarah’s womb. Then when Isaac is born seeks to have him slain by his father’s hand on Mt. Moriah. He makes enmity between Esau and Jacob, hoping that the tragedy of Cain and Abel would be repeated. Then he causes Potiphar’s wife to tempt Joseph, seeking to get him out of the way. When the time came for Moses, the deliverer of the Children of Israel, to be born, he puts it in the heart of Pharaoh to order that all male Hebrew children shall be destroyed at birth. But the story is too long. The sin of David was Satan’s work, and at one time the “seed royal” was narrowed down to one child.  2 Chronicles 2:4-17; 22:10-12.

When the time came that Christ was born, it was Satan who prompted Herod to destroy all the male children at Bethlehem under two years of age. It was Satan who tried to overcome Christ when weekend by fasting in the Wilderness, and who suggested that Christ throw Himself down from the Pinnacle of the Temple. The attempt of the people to throw Him from the hilltop at Nazareth, and the two storms on Galilee were all attempts of Satan to destroy Christ. And when foiled in these Satan renewed the fight through Priests and Pharisees, and succeeded at last in getting Judas to sell his Master. Then amid the shades of Gethsemane he sought to kill Christ by physical weakness before He could reach the Cross. When Christ was crucified Satan thought he had conquered, but when Christ rose from the dead Satan’s rage knew no bounds. In all probability Satan and his angels contested the Ascension of Christ, and the history of the Christian Church is but one long story of the “Irrepressible Conflict” between Satan and God’s people. Paul writing to the Thessalonians said: “We would have come unto you, even I Paul, once and again, but SATAN hindered us.” 1 Thess. 2:18. Even Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” was the “Messenger of Satan” to buffet him.

People of God Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us: To everything there is a Season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Please read the entire Chapter. But the point in this blog I want to get through to you is in VS. 8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. God has given me a mandate in this season to prepare the people for war, God is raising up an army of believers that will stand on His word, a people that will have dominion over the earth as God intended for us to have, a people that will God will use to do the greater works than Jesus John 14:12, A people that will walk by faith and not by site.

My Question to you is will you join God’s army? Will you join us in boot camp training for God’s army as we learn the enemy’s tactics and prepare the way for Jesus Return. It’s time out for people starving, time out for people dying prematurely, it’s time out for people going to church not living according to God’s word ,but they go to church to say that they went to church. News Flash the Devil knows the Bible; the Devil goes to church just to meet some of you there. Satan is a copycat of God’s creative work.

Let’s go to war people, pick up your bibles, stand on God’s word, and build that intimate relationship with the father. Let’s Get It Done For Jesus, He died that we might live, who are you dying for?

Glory to Jesus!  The Book of Revelation Tells us that We Win!

Prophet Gary Becton: God’s Healing and Deliverance Ministry

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God’s revelation for His End Time Warriors, This is my Assignment and Mandate from God!


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