Worship : a reverant honor and homage paid to God or a sacred parsonage or any object reguarded as sacred.

When one thinks of worship, most people thinks that you go into a church , sing hymns , and listen to a sermon and leave church . But worship, true worship is how you show God that you reverence Him, in a holy presence of His glory that is manifested in praise ,

In Exodus 34:14 and Exodus 20 : 12 , in the decologue or the ten commandments , God states that He is a jealous God , not to put NOTHING before Him . I have noticed that people will worship their material or or financial trappings before they would worship the true and living God . They would worship their status and their
daily occupations before God . Even prominent sports figures and celebrities get more "props" than God .We really need to know that God expects our worship. He wants us to acknowledge His presence in our lives . He is holy and won't be "sloppy seconds " or His Glory to be tarnished .

John 4:22-24, Jesus talks about worshipping God and He is actively seeking True Worshippers, those who really want the presence of God in their lives . See, the Samaritians worshipped something that they didn't really understand . They didnt understand that God wanted only their worship not things.

For those of us who are walking in the presence of God daily , worship put you in the presence to recieve a prophetic unction and put you in the position to recieve from Him . God wants us to give it all to Him in
our time of worship , so we can experience His power and His love. To surrender to the power of His
spirit. To go to another level in the way we worship .

On a personal level , when I am in deep worship , I can actaully feel the presence of God surrounding me calling me to come up higher , yet go deeper . By giving Him my all in worship , enpowers me to go forth towards the purpose He has for me . To get closer , press in , go deeper into His presence . God really wants us to give our all . So step it up , give God your all in worship .

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