1 John.4:4 “You are of God, little Children, and have overcome them,

 because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” (NKJV)

 Dr. Amen Howard



None of us are going to make through life without ever facing a problem, test, trials or tribulations. But when we face the challenges of life, we need to maintain an attitude that recognises “Greater” Mentality!


Some times we face so many challenges that our thinking gets backward, and we start looking at all the obstacles around us and talk about how great our problems are.


But the challenges we face are nothing compare to the greatness of God.

You see when you have a greater mentality, instead worrying about all your problems and difficulties, you’ll start praising the Lord-because you will have the confidence in knowing that you can’t fail with the “Greater One living on the inside of you.


The story of David and Goliath in 1 Sam 17 is a great illustration of what I am talking about. I remember the story. How David with his sling shot or (Katapot) We all need to remember this story as adults, since we have our own “GOLIATH” to face.


Now, Goliath the Philistine has been taunting the whole army of Israel. Saying “you can’t whip me, no around here can stand me, “and everyone was afraid. The soldiers themselves panicked trying to figure out what to do, because they didn’t have anyone who could match up to this giant.


But they were looking on the outward appearance and faith doesn’t look at things that way. You see, when you have faith, you’re not moved by what you see or by outward appearance.


With God it doesn’t matter how things look like on the outside-its what’s on the inside that matters ( 1 Sam. 16: 7 ). People will write you off because of your outward appearance, others will accept, but it is God that perfect.


The spirit of God I believe didn’t dwell in David the way He indwells the believer today, but David still had a “greater Mentality”


The Israelite army kept looking at Goliath’s massive size and said,

“We can’t fight this giant” David had his eyes on someone far greater when he said is ( 1 Sam 17: 26 ).


Now let’s read what happened next, because the bible really makes it plain.1 Sam 17: 40-43, 45-47. Picture the scene for a minute, Goliath was so big that he had to have a man in front of him, just to hold up his shield.


Imagine Goliath standing there, with this guy holding up his shield, here comes a little shepherd boy David with a staff coming with full backing of the Greater one, who created heavens and the earth.


You see, David wasn’t part of the army of Israel; his brothers were. As the youngest son, David had to stay behind to take care of his father’s sheep. Infarct, that was David’s first day on the battle front, all Israel were, and King Saul had to give him his armour to David. But David refused to wear it.


I want you to note something. Even though David recognized he had the power of God on his side, he also recognized that he had to do all he knew to do in the natural in order to win the battle.


Many times, Christians aren’t doing what they know to do.

They are standing back, “Waiting on God” David did not coward back like everyone did. He had the right “Mentality”


If you don’t have the greater mentality you will never face your

“Challenges or Goliath.”


Today, you have to learn. ( Amen)

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