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Greetings to the Household of Faith!

I greet you in the name of Jesus! My name is Evang. Ethel L. Buchanan, and I am founder of God's End, Time Evangelistic Ministries, and a member of Last Days Apostolic Church, pastored by 1st Lady May Johnson in St. Louis, MO. The Lord has given me a testimony to share with the world and the Lord has shown me that this testimony will bring glory to Him, and benefit many, many people in body and soul.

In January of 2005, after having moved to Louisiana 11 years before, I found out that I had contracted the AIDS virus, and I began a journey in mind and spirit that was mentally, emotionally and physically painful, exhausting, stressful and very lonely. During the past 3½ years, I have endured many, many total body muscle spasms like charlie horses, where I was contorted into horribly painful positions, small seizures; hundreds of shots, many hospital stays for pneumonia, dehydration and minor surgeries, 2 strokes, and 21 medications twice a day for an assortment of illnesses that came about in relation to AIDS.

As I spoke with my spiritual parents, they encouraged me, prayed with me, and never stopped believing God with me, and my pastor told me that the Lord said "Daughter, you shall LIVE AND NOT DIE, TO DECLARE THE GLORY OF THE LORD. it's important to have someone touching and agreeing with you for what you know God is going to do. Soon after the man of God spoke that to me, the Lord confirmed it in my spirit for myself, and I launched out on a journey of total faith in what I knew God was going to do, no matter how it looked or how bad things got; and they DID get really bad.

I moved back to St. Louis in January of 2006, after the Lord showed me that I would not be blessed until I returned to my first works and being obedient to God, I reinstated my membership at Last Days Apostolic Church. During these past 2½ yrs, the Lord has brought me through much, shown me much, and developed my ministry much. My prayer and study life has increased by leaps and bounds, and my love for the work of God and the people of God knows no end. Whatever my hands have found to do, I have done. I began to lose weight, and noticed sores coming in varius areas all over my body. I got weaker and too ill many times to even lift my head from my pillows.

There have been many times when I wasn't able to do what I desired, due to health problems, but the Lord and my church family in Missouri and Louisiana, kept me encouraged and determined to do His will, and allow Him to have His way in my life. I was met with whispers, pitiful looks, stares, doubt and even criticism on every hand from some family members, friends, and foes, even people of God who said they were believing God with me.

On Thursday, September 18, 2008, I had spoken to my sister-in-law, who told me about a conference at her church; and invited me to go. I went and heard the Word of God preached, and found out there would be a seminar on moving in the gifts that next morning. I slept 20 minutes at a time that night, woke up walking the floor and praying, a spirit of excitement was upon me. I went to that seminar the next morning, and met a 19 yr. old prophet from Florida, Prophet Brian Carn Jr. He looked at me several times during the seminar, that morning, but said nothing directly to me at first. After the seminar, he told me "God is going to bring Ezekiel 12:28.

(Thus saith the Lord GOD; There shall none of my words be prolonged any more, but the word which I have spoken shall be done, saith the Lord GOD.)

to pass for you because of your faithfulness, because you trust Him, and for His glory that others may benefit from your healing. Whatever you have to do, be back here tonight". Well, I had stopped taking all my medications a month previous, because I felt led of the Lord to stop. So there was no medication in my system at all.

I got to the service that night, and after other areas of the service; the prophet of God had a Bishop call me up to the pulpit. He began to minister some things to me privately, then 4 times he passed his hands in front of me, standing several feet away. The power and anointing and PURE GLORY of God fell on me so that I couldn't stand, I couldn't speak. I sank to the floor, legs feeling like jelly, my body feeling like rain was pouring over me, from the inside out. 4 times the prophet told the helpers to stand me back up. The fourth time, he approached me and laid his hands on my stomach, and cried out "Thou foul demon of disease, come out of her in the name of Jesus". I felt like something was snatching and ripping everything inside my body out, and twisting it as it pulled it's way out. I was slain in the spirit for quite some time, and when I got up, I stumbled my way to the ladies room with help, and began to vomit every color in the rainbow, all manner of everything, until I was slain in the spirit again.

I made an appointment with my doctor to have a complete battery of lab tests done, and the tests that were done 3 times show that there is NO SIGN of AIDS in my body whatsoever, that I am as healthy as anyone can be. My doctors don't understand it, but I know it was the power of God, the promise of God, the manifestation of my healing; the healing virtue flowed through my body.

Throughout this journey, I have come to know the love, grace (favor) and mercy of God, the true meaning of faith in the Lord, no matter how it looks, pressing toward the mark, and enduring to the end. I've received telephone and email requests from different groups and churches asking me to come and minister what God has done for me, from as far away as South Africa and the Philippines; I've been asked to appear on TBN and the Preach the Word Network.

On the other hand, I've been told by some, that I shouldn't tell my testimony, or that perhaps I should only tell part of it, but don't say that it was AIDS that I was healed of; they feel that people will "look" at me differently, shun me, or just won't understand, and that all people w
ill think about when I stand to preach is "oh, she's the one that had AIDS"....To that, I say this: "Let every man be a liar, and let God's Word be true. I fear NOT what man may do, or say, or think, because I'm going bound in the spirit, with a charge to keep and a God to glorify."

Since my healing, the Lord has given me the gifts of healing in my hands and I do lay hands through the anointing of the Holy Ghost. It's not me, but God who has healed Cancer, Lupus, Cataracts, Hepatitis C and other illnesses in Revivals and Crusades I have preached across this country and overseas.

People have witnessed Tumors decrease in size and returned to their doctors healed. A woman rose from her wheelchair after 17 years;WALKING... after my robe brushed across her feet as I ministered at the altar. A young woman came running into a church service; beaten and bloody; and fell at the altar in repentance; tired of drugs and prostitution, she is saved and serving God in her church now. A young man was filled with the Holy Ghost at a revival and left his gang and drug dealing. A husband and wife mended their marriage at a revival recently. An entire church had a serious, anointing sweep through during a crusade and they are STILL experiencing crowds each Sunday; with the power of God filling people with the Holy Ghost; or stumbling in God's presence when they walk in the door....They've run out of parking space.... A lady and her daughter were healed of cataracts and lung cancer. I could go on....

God is awesome!!! God is using me to speak deliverance to drug addicts, gang members, bring healing to marriages, and relationships between parents and children. God is truly moving by His Spirit and I give Him the glory, praise and honor for what He's doing in me and through me.

y first book: 'JOURNEY TO JOY:HEALED OF AIDS;MY TESTIMONY' will be in bookstores in 2011. DVD's of various revivals, crusades etc. are on sale for $12.00 each. There is also a 3 DVD set available now from the Savannah, GA Spiritual Combat Zone Crusade in July 2009. This set is $30.

The portion of my testimony that has been given here is not my complete testimony. I usually give my entire testimony when I conduct revivals and crusades etc.

I ask you and your ministry to prayerfully consider inviting me to come and share this testimony, to minister the word which God has given me, and TO GO FORTH IN THE POWER OF GOD IN THE GIFTS OF HEALING.

Below are methods of contacting me:


or getemworldwide@gmail.com

Evang. Buchanan-Visionary

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Praise God mom
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What a powerful testimony !!!

I praise God for what the Lord has done in your life and I applaud you for giving God back the Glory for what He has done. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and promote His will in your life!!

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