Help Save DJ Young Publishing Co. Site - Appeal from great granddaughter of DJ Young is a COGIC pioneer.

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From: Raynard Smith
Mar 31, 2009 9:22 AM

Subject: Fw: Help Save DJ Young Publishing Co. Site

Greetings COGIC Scholars,

Below is an appeal for help from Dr. Ladrian Brown, the great great granddaughter of D.J. Young a COGIC pioneer. Please let's assist her in her urgent endeavor. Grace and peace.


Forwarded Message-----
From: Ladrian Brown

Sent: Mar 27, 2009 4:05 PM
Subject: Help Save DJ Young Publishing Co. Site

Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.
Proverbs 22:28

We need your help! An invaluable historical landmark of the Church of God in Christ, the African American heritage, and the Kansas City community is in danger of being destroyed for a road expansion project. The D. J. Young Publishing Company was the pioneer publishing house of the nation’s largest black Pentecostal denomination, the Church of God in Christ, Inc. The founder, David J. Young, was also a leading founder of the denomination and served as the first prelate of Arkansas, Texas, and Kansas, where he established more than twenty-five churches.

U.S. Congressman Dennis Moore paid tribute to D. J. Young before the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. and placed his biographical sketch in the Congressional Record (see pages E700-E701,,).

You can help! No matter where you reside, by simply printing the petition attached to this message and obtaining the signatures of your friends, family, church members, etc., you can join us in helping to preserve this precious monument:

Signees should be voter eligible.
Use a separate form for citizens of Kansas.
Mail your signed petitions to the address at the bottom of the form by May 15, 2009.

Please don’t disregard our urgent appeal! The D. J. Young Publishing Co. building is the last remaining original structure of D. J. Young’s legacy as both his original home and church were previously acquired and destroyed. I’m sure you’ll agree that city improvements are much needed, but not at the expense of the important historical sites that represent the rich legacy of our pioneering forefathers! According to a February Kansas Department of Transportation News Release, the city is receiving $22 million in stimulus money for city road projects – projects like the Parallel Parkway Improvement plan, which involves the destruction of the last remaining original structure commemorating Bishop D. J. Young and the early years of the Church of God in Christ in the state of Kansas.

Make your voice heard! Often times we identify issues that concern us but don’t take the time or coordinate our efforts to make our voice heard in a meaningful way. Let’s make our voice heard this time.

Don’t delay! We thank you, in advance, for your prompt response to this message and for joining our efforts to preserve the D. J. Young Publishing Company historical site.

Ladrian P. Brown, MD, CEO
D. J. Young Heritage Foundation
2401 North 9th Street
Kansas City, Kansas 66101
(913) 579-2741

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