JESUS, rescuer of the abandoned!
 JESUS, hope of those in despair!
 JESUS, guiding star to the lost!
 JESUS, joyful return of the exile!
 JESUS, unforeseen victory!
 JESUS, eternal triumph!
 JESUS, radiant dawn after endless night!
 JESUS, everlasting light of the Kingdom!
 JESUS, wipe away my tears!
 JESUS, calm the panic of my heart!
 JESUS, exultation of those hemmed in by fear!
 JESUS, joy of those crushed by sorrow!
 JESUS, light to those in darkness, glory to You!

 JESUS, provider of our daily bread!
 JESUS, helper of the helpless!
 JESUS, giver of all good gifts!
 JESUS, grant peace to a heart in turmoil!
 JESUS, calmer of storms!
 JESUS, haven of the voyager!
 JESUS, life-changing poweR !.....(Bro.RAJESWAR)


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