Greetings Beloved,

Global Vision has partnered with Yahoo to raise 1 billion dollars for Non Profit Organizations over the next 5
years. to facilitate this goal, Yahoo will create a personalized toolbar
for you, your church or your business with the name of your
organization and two links to your website. This is a great way to
advertise your organization, church, business or ministry. Anyone can
download this personalized toolbar because it has no spam, spyware,
popups, absolutely no viruses. People all over the world will be able to
go straight to your website from your toolbar and see the name of the
ministry every
time they go online, you will also be able to put a podcast of your
message on the toolbar. How awesome is that. Someone in another state or
country will be able to listen to your messages and access your website
straight from your toolbar, this is revolutionary. You will also
receive up to 10cents per click for
every sponsored search done using your toolbar. Global Vision will also
give you or your organization your own online shopping mall with over
1500 stores that generate income for you when someone shops in the mall.
What a great resource tool to raise funds for missions, or your
building project.
Think of all the church members, family and friends that are searching
on the internet and
shopping online. If your church is not in need of additional funding
then this is not for you, but if you need additional resources for
missions and to meet other goals, then I Implore you to take a serious
look at this awesome opportunity OurGV is offering. The best thing
about it is, it is FREE, That's right I
said Free, Absolutely no strings attached. I am passionate about this
opportunity because the checks are clearing the bank every week. For
more info please visit
and click
where it says change the world click here. I have pasted a link below of
a check OurGV sent to our ministry. This is a phenomenal income
generator so please take advantage of it. Organizations like, Joyce
Meyer Ministry, The Four Square Church, and many other organizations are
utilizing this phenomenal tool to bring additional streams of income to
their ministry.

We help thousands of
Non Profits all over the world including Joyce Meyer raise funds at no
cost to your organization.
<a href=""></a>


Fidel M. Donaldson
Manager, OurGV

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