Holiness or Hell... you chose...........

We are in a season in the church where everything is allowed… the reason why many churches are getting bigger and bigger is simply because many preachers have altered the Word of God. All we can hear now is “bless me God messages” everyone is crying prosperity is coming… there is really nothing wrong with prosperity… surely God want us bless and prosperous, but today we only preach a feel good gospel, a gospel that only tells you what sound good to your own ears… but I know that God is calling many of us to bring the Word back to the house of God…
I will say it again, the church today has money big buildings and lot of stuff we are getting richer and richer but I can feel the Spirit of the Lord saying that we are poor spiritually… we have no glory, no word, no power… I can hear Him saying “Where is my Church, where is the remnant. Those who will not run after stuff but after my will. Those who will seek My face day and night… those who will live according to My Word”. Church it is time for us to get back to the Word… I know that I may sound heretical but I can feel the Spirit saying stop crying out blessing is coming stop saying prosperity is coming… now it is time for us to preach about repentance... we need to get back to the altar… we want revival… there will be no revival unless the Church repent and get on her face before God….
I believe that we are like the Church of Laodicea… (Revelation 3:14-22)
I don’t care whenever we are in a new millennium or that the culture has changed, my Bible still tell me “HOLINESS without which no one will see the LORD”.
I declare in the name of Jesus that it is HOLINESS or hell
The Spirit is crying throughout all the earth: Holiness
Being a Christian does not mean going to Church... it is much more
Christian=like Christ
How dare you say you are a Christian and you don’t talk like Christ.. Act like Him???
God is calling for Holy people…
Let us pray that the Church return to Holiness…
(To be continued lol)
ps: I don't care who live it or not or who agree or not BUT HOLINESS IS RIGHT and that's the lifestyle of a true believer.. no churchy people...

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Comment by Prophetess Mitzi J. Fernander on August 1, 2009 at 9:49am
You are truly on target Mna of God. Even in the Bahamas we have this problem. However, be encouraged for God is raising up a remnant and the day is truly at hand for those of us who have decided to walk in holiness and righteousness and seek God rather than please man. One thing I have learnt in my walk is that God is true to His word. Many will be exposed in this hour and the LITTLE Churches will be filled with His glory, miracle and signs shall follow and I speak this prophetically. THe Word of God still says " Holiness without which no man shall see God." I am astounded that the prosperity preachers do not also tell the people that they must walk in holiness and that there is a process and very often a fight for the blessing to manifest. " The Kingdom suffereth violence and the violent take it by force."

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