How does a man offering himself a living sacrifice become a blessing

Topic: How does a man offering himself a living sacrifice become a blessing

2 samuel 24: 25

From the whole chapter, you will see that the anger of the lord was upon Isreal again and David acted foolishly by numbering them .....from that the anger of the Lord increased more on isreal.

In verse 24 we already seen how david become blessing to isreal through building an altar for God,he first repented of his action and build a physical alta on the Lord ,that means we must be first clean internally before our sacrifice can be accepted .Salvation, holiness and good work

Because of acting foolishly,God proposed three things to him to chose

1) Seven years of hunger to him in the land
2) run for his enemies for 3 months
3) 3 days of pestilence in the city 2 samuel 24: 12 and 13

David chosed to fall into the hands of God than in the hand of men verse 14

When we do not offer our bodies a living sacrifice to God we bring problems to the nation because the Lord redeemed s to be blessing to our nations.because of that single act of David many people died.

2 samuel 24: 15 to 18 david was instructed to raise an altar for God....the same way we are been adivsed to stand up for God and live a daily livly sacrificial life to God for it bring blessing to our church and nations

It is only in the sacrifice of our lord jesus that our sacrifices find its value
when God leads the people/nation to thier destiny, he works through those with whom he has a convenant by sacrifice,only those who have themselves become LIVING SACRIFICE on the altar of the cross are called by the lord to be a blessing to the nation and church

2 chonicles 33: 9 manasseh did evil
2 kings 23:3 Josiah did good before God
we see two men who had widely different effects on thier people, both had the privillage of being in position to lead thier people/nation, each opened the spiritual gates of their nations. one of them lead the people into repentance and sacrifice to God , other one closed the gates of his nation by building altar to the Devil

our sacrifice on daily basis on the altar to God bring blessing to our church and nation.


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Comment by Bernice Jones on April 7, 2010 at 2:12pm
Gods creation, "man" can be a blessing by willing to do the will of the farther. Jesus showed the way. repenting, spreading the good news, being a covering, being a good sower, hearing the word daily, building the relationship with God. feeding Gods sheep " man and woman'.

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