Humility is a word that can be offensive to many believe it or not.


When someone says "humble yourself" or "You should be humble", often times brings a thought of powerlessness and a sence of "not having control over something or someone."


I will be the fist to admit that word "Humble" didn't always fit in my spectrum of Do's and Dont's.  


If fact, before I started walking closely with God and alowing Him to be theAuthor and Finisher of my Faith, I said and did whatever I believed was the right thing depending on the circumstances at hand.


Be humble, "are you kidding me", no one was going to put me in a state of vulnerability such as that, I wasn't gonna happen! 


However, as I began to allow God to shape and mold me into being the person that He called me to be, that mindset changed quickly, but not without the removal of my stubborness, pride and self righteous acts of indifference.


 Titus 3:9 NLT  tells us: 


Do not get involved in foolish discussions about spirtual pedigrees or in quarrels and fights about obedience to Jewish Laws. These things are useless and a waste of time.


Reading of the Entire Book of Titus is recommended for spiritual knowledge of scriptural context acuracy and understanding. 


Yes, admittedly, I attempted to hold on to my ways, my thoughts, my beliefs. Negating, anyone else's point of view, decisions concerning theirs own lives or their beliefs.


I KNEW WHAT WAS BEST, so I thought.


Forget anyone attempting to challenge me on a topic, conversation and even scriptural reference to say the least,  If anyone wanted the TAKE  on a matter or correct point of view,  I knew it.  


Self Centerness and Self Righteousness had embedded itself so far down inside of me, that, only GOD could and was able to being about a change in my thoughts and concepts in/of a life pleasing and revelent enough to be used by God and not me doing God a FAVOR, beating up everyone else with the Scriptures of the Bible and my lack of compassion for those who needed, Grace to see Truth.





Those who desire a true relationship with God and have stepped out of the rem of "Condemnational Thinking", may agree that, it is nearly impossible for others to see the true Baptism of The Holy Spirit in one's life, acting, believing and behaving in such a manner.  There must be evidence of the


FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT (Galatians 5:22-25) 


in which there is no LAW and is able to compel and draw others to "The Cross of Jesus Christ." If in fact, it's the true motivating fact and intent behind our Hope of Calling in Jesus Christ.


That type of reaction to life brought many tears, rejection and unwanted emotion to my life and my wanting to please God and allow others to see the Christ in me, I know I had to change.


I could no longer walk around "More spiritual than God", Holier than Thou and having a Sense of Entitlement, In the Name of Jesus Christ.  I wanted to be used by God.


There are many examples of those who were on trial for believing in God and (others/unbelievers) bringing them before magistrates and courts to be reprimended for their conduct and behavior.  


I had began to question myself.  If I were on trial for being a Christian, would I be convicted.....?  During that time in my life I can honestly say, 





I showed outward Godly Service through my attendance to Church, Long Intellectual Fox Hole Prayers and self involvement with community volunteer acts, In which, often were surface and shallow, considering I did them to appear Holy or Involved for human acalades. 



Nothing really felt God Inspired through the True Action of Servitude, Humility or Graceful Sincerity.  I WAS Self Righteious.  What a hard road to traval....and honestly, people that were geniune in their faith toward God and His direction through Grace, knew exactely what I was about and how I was conducting myself......


One day I was in a situation and needed help from God.  Because, I had pumped myself up into believing that because I had studied the Word, had acquired formal education in the Word/Theology, and gave my advice and "human knowledge" to those who were closes to was quite difficult for me to reach out to anyone else and ask for help.


That's pretty hard to do when you have an "All knowing attitude" and you have become more spiritual then God.  Others expect you to have your own answers to your own questions and problems...


 That's when I was thrown off my HIGH HORSE and brought to my Damascus Blindness, so I could see clearly.  I needed to actually see the Compassion of Christ, through Christ and in Christ.


I had to change the way I thought, give regard to others differences and respect the fact that God speaks to not just me but all who He has called according to His purpose. 


"that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous." Matthew 5:45

Looking back, I can't believe how naive I was to think that I know everything that it was to know about God and His Word in my human life time.  The Bible says "not all the books in the world could contain the miracle that Jesus performed and His work here on earth. John 21:25


When I finally did humble myself and reachout for help with my issue, A Nun from a local Convent reeached out and prayed for me. She asked me "what was I believing or neeeding from the Lord?"  I began to give her a laundry list of everything I could think of.


She looked me in my eyes and said, "I understand" and proceeded to only pray for healing in my thoughts and mind.  At first, I didn't understand why she prayed only for my mind to be changed, why not my heart as well?  However, as the spirit of the Lord began to flow, I had a unspeakable peace come upon me that I have never forgotten.


I had come to realize that in heart I did truly want to help others know the will of God for their lives, but I had been going about it the wrong way.  



She was able to see in the spirit realm and the Holy Spirit gave her discernment to pray for my mind to be renewed, to the mind of Christ.


Very soon after, the events in my life that were going on began to change.  

Yes, my mindset had changed.  I had faith that what this Nun prayed and interceeded for me and on my behalf would come to pass.  And, it did.


The Spirit of The Lord guided and led me to scriptures concerning compassion, grace and humility.  My mind was being transformed by the renewing of the Word.  Not the knowledgee of human wisdom. 


Ephesians 1:17-19 recommended reading: The Entire Book of Ephesians


I could take off the mask and be myself and allow God to use me for His Glory.  My personal agenda had been cancelled.


God is now having His way in my life and i'm the better off for it.


Being Humble has wonderful benefits.  Benefits that will bring about change in your life and the lives of others....I Highly Recommend This Virtue......



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