I would have fainted unless i had believed.

This is to encourage someone out there in ministry that might be feeling weary or faint. (Psalms 27 v 13) I would have lost heart unless i believed to see the goodness of the Lord. Job said though worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh i shall see God.

It was believing still, that kept Job. there are times in our lives as believers, ministers of the gospel that it would appear that nothing in our lives or current situation, reflects God's word to us. It is critical in those moments to still believe. It seemed only natural for the disciples, after seeing their WORD on the cross, their hope, their promise, to follow Peter back to fishing, back to Tiberias, going back to what God took us from, maybe a job, a life style.

But seeing we have received this ministry, let us not faint. Let us not be weary, but TRUST GOD. let us not faint ( lose consciousness, lose heart) but let us continue to hold on to the WORD we have gotten from the Lord. The Word you have to stand on will come alive in your life, even if it now appears to be dead.

It might seem we are failing at what we do, but through faith continuer to speak life to your situation. Speak life over your ministry. Write the vision and make it plain, it has been proven that often people who succeed are those who record their dreams, where they want to be.

Your dream cant be killed, its you that can be, Joseph brothers said let us kill the dreamer and see what becomes of his dreams. The devil wants you out, thats the reason for all the pain, for all the struggles. Its to make you weary and feel faint. Its to make you despondent, and walk away from what is on the inside of you.

A mother who is about to deliver has to believe, and dear not faint. The nearer the delivery, the more intense the pain and the closer the pains get. Does it seem as if you are suddenly experiencing one pain after another, like all hell is against you, like no demons left in hell, they are all out to get you, you may be nearer than you think to your moment of deliverance.

Zechariah 3 v 1&2 Satan stood at Joshua the high priest right hand to resist him, can you imagine the warfare he was going through at this time in his ministry. A high priest was no ordinary person, a high priest means he was not thinking of going into ministry, he was in ministry. Mighty God, it took God to rebuke Satan, he said, the Lord rebuke you satan, is not this the brand plucked from the fire'

We know we have been plucked from the fire to do the work of the Lord, but now we are facing strong resistance from the enemy. Do not faint. Continue to believe that He is able, He who started a good work will perform it to the end.
Micah 4 and 5 are beautiful passages. Chapter 4 v 4 & 10 expalined the pains f a woman in travail, pains in ministry Mighty God, it says to Babylon shall you go and there you shall be delivered. Your deliverance is coming in a strange place, in a strange way. What is certain is that it is coming.

Chapter 5 v 2 " But you Bethlehem, though you are little am9ng the thousands in Judah, yet out of you shall come forth to me, the One that shall be ruler in Israel" So what was all this pain for? the pains described in chapter 4, its is because the pain was leading to the birth of the Messiah. Your pain is leading to something, its pain with a purpose.

The women who have children reading this will be able to tell how difficult it can be to be listening to a midwife/doctor when the labour pains are on, but even at this point we need to hear and obey. YES. We need to inspite of the fright, the sweating, heavy breathing, baby pushing, ministry swelling, to hear what God is saying to us. Listen through the pains, it can make you life and delivery process a whole lot easier cause even at this point you can still miscarry.

The devil desires to sift you, you know you have been called, you are persuaded of your purpose, you have been trodding the road a long time, you have received many word of prophesy, but even so, you have got the revelation of who Jesus is, man people are depending on you, people's deliverance tied up in your ministry but at this point there is indeed a wrestling. Evil seem ever present even now if you can find it in you to believe.

I would have fainted unless i had believed, your future depends on your NOW faith ( Hebrews 11 v 1) The thing i love about David most of all, he never pretended to be always on a high, he was true to himself and to God, we saw his praise days, his lows days, his sad days, we saw a real person. We will never be always on a high, and thats the reason we should pray for each other. God bless you all.

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Comment by Minister Antoinette Williams on February 26, 2013 at 11:27am

I thank God this message is still present.  It has spoken to me in ways that I can even put into words.  What I have been experiencing is just what this minister spoke. My heart is lifted a little more after this encouraging message.  That very scripture from psalms 27:12-13 was placed in my spirit just a little while ago.  I was getting ready to write to my Pastor and then this email came across.  I know that me and my family are a direct target for the enemy.  I know that he has his eyes set on me and I am tired today.  I feel that I have been abandoned and I am simply tired of standing in the gap for my family and friends.  Who will stand with me, is what I have asked myself and the answer that came back was from the Lord, that HE will stand with me! I am encouraged today and I will take this message as my own in this day. God Bless!

Comment by Evangelist Sherry Lomack on October 23, 2010 at 3:17pm
Comment by Chandra Cole on January 8, 2009 at 6:32am
Sorry. My website is www.silentteacher.org
Comment by Chandra Cole on January 8, 2009 at 6:31am
Pleae visit my site and leave a comment on the guest page. I really need to be encouraged now. Please understand that I have not given up on God, nor my ministry, but although we believe and trust God, we are still in the flesh and in need of encouraging at times.
Comment by Chandra Cole on January 8, 2009 at 6:28am
Thank you so much, Sister. Those are some encouraging words! I am in this position now where it seems like God has abandoned me in my ministry. I know He hasn't though, because I believe the word that says "He will never leave me, nor forsake me". My ministry seems to be hanging in mid air, out of my reach. I am a writer. I write gospel stage plays (as well as books). I was done very wrong by my ex-manager who I spent my last money with to do a play with Vickie Winans performing. My ex-manager got me for about $14,000 (my last and only money). Since then, I can't seem to get back on my feet with my plays. I feel kind of downhearted and discouraged, like there is no one I can trust to work with me. My ministry is at a standstill, because it takes money (which I have no more of) to do a good play. I have no doubt in my gift, because it comes straight from God. Your message is an encouragement to me. Because God has put me on a different spiritual level than when I wrote my first play, the battle has become more intense. I ask that you all pray for me.
Comment by Carone Gordon on January 7, 2009 at 9:49pm
Comment by ShekinahLife on January 7, 2009 at 9:35pm
Zechariah 3 v 1&4~~I remember the day got that word from the Master" yes also there is much to glean from the Job walk...Yes do not faint...easier said then done LISTEN to those who have paved the road ahead of you...they know the right steps sometimes...sometime it is a new journey up Hebron road as well so be prepared for the unexpected and know that If you are sent' then He will be Glorified...

Shalom Aleichem..."J&T"
Comment by Senior Apostle Cauline [ETAMA] on January 7, 2009 at 5:24pm
AMEN!!! Without Faith it is impossible to please God and Faith without Works is dead! God Bless You for sharing this word of encouragement to edify the body of christ.

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