What if the bible had no names in it? What if the story was told as a bedtime story? What if the imagination was left to fill in the blanks,were some have been made nobleman, but are just mere humans as we are? Well wake up, because thats what the bible is! we need to separate ourselves from all of this religous redderick thats going on here. The lord our God has been trying to get us to realize we are in the last days.All this argrueing is contagious,filthy,full of lies,because all the answers,are given by man.I don't care if you're self taught, schooled,are believe by prophecy,this circle should cease,and let Christ come through.Galatians 6, lets us know God will not be mocked,how can we read about Lucifer,and his big ideas on the world,and not see the same thing transparing here? The kingdom of God is all around us,as long as we stay on the right path,because once off,all hell breaks loose.(Rev 3;20) Man isn't it tiring to see out of 13,000,fifty or sixty carry on the same conversations, just worded differently.People talking about their pastors, is Mary Jesus mother,tithing,cheating,false witneessing, we all just need to chill,or completely chillout.Jerimiah 7;3 -God says,not Jesus,(Clean up your life,so i can live with you). But no we have to express our opinions,our reasons,our expertise,on something we truly don't have a clue about,because remember,god knew what would be happening before He created us! 350 cults in this world,know the bible better than most,and use that knowledge to divide,and these brainiacs,take the bait,start taking about who they are how much they know,what somebody should be reading,and it needs to STOP! God has always taken the least,and used for the best,example,John the baptist,not and apostle,theologian,physician,teacher,but a man who loved God,and was given the respondsibility to baptize,Christ! The truth about the bible is not determined by majority,and if you;re cliqueing to show yourself approved,it worked. Nobody that want to be such a know it all,came be used by GOD,when HE comes back,because it;s already written,the first person He let to be known as special,is the enemy now, and the other was a tratior,so all these people here thats trying to flex their limited,createful,all knowing minds BEWARE, theres no use for you in the real Kingdom of GOD,because,your speech is long,words or fruitless,and its only for those who LABOR,God wants to use.Remember HE said, I NEVER KNEW YOU!! So keep debating people,about nothing,because known of us knows it all,let alone.what GODS true plan really is.Imagine the bible with no names,and see how much clarity you will receive from it,or just,Ps,46;10- BE STILL,AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD!! People the Kingdom of GOD is at hand!
Other than that for you high minded know it all,cultist,remain, ULTRACREPIDARIANS it fits your crap!!

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