I'm Not Dead Yet.

In most tribal communities they have an council of elders. The chief or war leader may or may not be a member of this group of elders. But this council of elders gives them a chance to pass on to the tribe the wisdom that comes with the long life. This council of elders is a bridge from the people who have died to the young adults who do the fighting and hunting for the tribe . Wisdom does not always come with age but there is a knowledge that comes with long life.

In early America we lived in extended families. Most families had 2 to 4 generations living in a family unit. In the house I lived in as a child there were three generations. I was use to taking advice from my Grandparents .

Today most people live in single family units. Today we live in a youth orientated society. The elders are not respected. Because of a lost of respect for elders, the following can come to past. At the death of a generation their knowledge, can die with them. And as a people we never grow. And if we do not grow we die.

But I will not go peacefully. I have a debt to my grandchildren and their children. I will pass on to them the thing I have learn in 67 years. There is no reason for them to make my mistakes. But they should profit from the things that I have learned. I can pass on to then the family values. And that within the family they are special and very important.

I also feel the church needs the prayers of its seniors. And their knowledge of spiritual warfare. And the life of faith that we should be living before them will give them courage, as they try to live for Christ,

No, my life is not done yet, not by a long shot.

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