I have been taking time to reflect on my life lately. And I know that I don't deserve everything the Lord is bringing my way. But God is faithful anyway, He loves me anyway. He is showing me an unconditional love! This presents a wonderful example for me to demonstrate that same love for everyone else.

I am so amazed that at a time when we lost our management that God opened a door for us to sign with an Independent record label (Moiko Records) to manufacture and distribute the first CD, "The Heart of a Man"! Yes it will be available online as early as tonight and definitely by tomorrow morning!!! You can get your copy at www.moikorecords.com. I am praying that all will be blessed by this spoken word CD. My wife and I have been delayed in getting this out and even to the point of frustration in thinking it wasn't going to happen at this point in our lives. The devil played with our minds and we allowed it. But in spite of the many storms we've been through in producing this CD, we stood on the Word that God promised. We believe that this is our destiny and it is a ministry God has placed in us so we remained faithful to completing this project. And already we have seen God's favor.

I have been doing spoken word poetry now for about 2 1/2 years! Most of the "popular" poets have been doing poetry for 10 years or more! But in this short 2 1/2 years God has allowed us to: have our poetry included in several compilations ("Poetry Over Music Vol 2: Different Shades of Love" & "Poetry Over Music Vol 3: Rhythm & Poetry", "Blessed of the Midwest Mix Tape Vol 1", "The Gospel Truth Compilation", and the upcoming "Poetry Over Music Vol 4, Freedom Through Music"), publish 2 books of poetry with 2 more almost complete and one novella that my wife and I are cowriting, travel the country ministering through poetry from Seattle, WA to Cinncinatti, OH, to Fayette, AL, have several gospel artists we have been and will be working with to include poetry in their music, become poetry editor for an international magazine, be named Directors of the newly-created Inspirational Division of a national marketing and media litertainment company! I can only say that this is God and not anything we have done. I know without God I wouldn't be able to write poetry. I know it is Him who guides my pen and I am so grateful. I pray that anything we do allows us to reach God's people, especially the lost souls who are condemned to and eternity in hell without Jesus!

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Comment by Robert T Sells on September 12, 2009 at 3:04pm
Praise God Sister Evelyn! I receive that in Jesus' name!!!
Comment by Evelyn Blacksher on September 8, 2009 at 6:08pm
Bless you. may you and your wife continue as one walking in and doing all JESUS CHRIST has given you to do.
i rejoice with you and celebrate JESUS with you !! may GOD continue to cause HIS face to shine upon you as you advance the kingdom of GOD in JESUS name !!!! may every soul destined to be birthed in the kingdom through your gift & anointing here HIM say well done my good and faithful servant shalom

more than conquering in HIS name

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