Well, in 1992 , my father lost his struggle with Colon Cancer but not before he accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior . The week before he died , a couple of deacons came by the house to talk to him . Daddy was one not to go to church but during his illness, I would sit by his bed and read the Word of God to him and praying with him . Also , during this time , I was working and taking care of my son , now 4 at this time and seeing to his needs because my mother was working . Well, that weekend , he really couldn't breathe well and I saw that he was tired . We called for the ambulance to take him to the hospital . He signed a DNR form , meaning that he didn't want to be worked on if he went into cardiac arrest . My brothers cried but I knew that he was going to a place where there is no pain or sickness .

He died July 14 , 1992 at 4pm . So, I was just numb but I also knew it was in His will that He wanted my father with him .

Shortly after the death of my father , one of my brothers , who was doing crack , was stealing out of the house. I would have to come home and stay awake to see if he was going to do anything else . After a year of this , after I have gone on my face for the Lord to save his soul , he decided that he would come to church with us . He heard the word and asked me "if this was the point of the service to go to the altar ?" I looked at him and said "Yes " . He got up from the pew and walked to the altar and gave his life to the Lord . Today he is a elder in his church with a a powerful anointing on his life .

1995 brought a lot of sadness in my life . I have lost my best friend from High School suddenly and then another friend of mine died at home . This was a big blow to me and I asked the Lord "Why ? " . Then He told me " it was their time " . Well, now I was ready to really go all the way for God and I movedf to South Carolina at the request of my mother , for she was getting ready to move there. I thought about all I was going to walk away from . I used to ask the Lord why ... it is was not for a few years down the line that I have recieved the answer .....

When I moved here to Charleston , it took me 3 years to find a church that I can be happy in . One Sunday , while I was attending the "family " church , the spirit toldme that I needed to be planted somewhere , so I obeyed and join the church . The years I have spent there, I found that there was no evidence of His spirit there, everything was "programmed " and the preached word had not moved me . I have become involved there but it was not satisfying . It was mostly politics , people jockeying for positions in the church but no growth spiritually . I had to come home to look at Christian televison to get what I was not getting at church and that's sad .

One Sunday , as I was sitting in the pew , the Lord started to speak to me . I had to look around for I thought someone was calling me . He started to impart some things but the most inportant thing was " You needto find a church that would cultivate the gifts that I have placed in you , that would make you equipped for the work I have for you " . So I obeyed God and one Easter Sunday morning , after our services , I found myself at this church , where my Nephew in law was speaking . When I hit the door , I felt the power of God hit my spirit . I felt the love and the the warmth . After the service , I met the pastor and his wife and said that I would be back to visit again . It was 3 months later, when I was disgusted and didn't want to to go to a church with no power ... so I had the church's program and called the church . The deacon answered the phone and I explained that I wanted to come and fellowship with them but did not have a ride . That deacon came for me and to this day he is still picking up for church .

Right away , I got busy there . Iam one of the founding members of the Women's ministry there . My Co- Pastor had a vision for such a ministry there and I went to her and asked her if they had a women's ministry there . She shouted and she screamed . She told me "God definitely sent you here !" . So we started the ministry , which is the strongest ministry at the church . On October 16 , 2003 , God called me into the Gospel Ministry and I brought my Intitial sermon on April 16 , 2004 and have been preaching ever since.

In 2005 , I met the man that would be my husband . I met him through a friend and we started talking and sharing . For the first 2 weeks , we logged 4 hours a night on the phone . After 3 months , he wantedme to come to him and see if we can have a life . I thought that was rather fast ,so I put him off and then he went and started talking to another woman . I just went on about my business , until he called me and told me that he was goingto marry this woman . I told him if that is what you want , do it . But God knew what He was doing and I took my hands off it . After 6 months , he andthe woman broke up , but also during this time , he was still calling me and I was not really trying to hear it . That is when he said that he wanted me to be his wife . I was like " Lord help me " .

After much prayer and seeking the Lord , I did consent to be his wife but I didn't know it would have cost me my ministry as I know it . We got married in June of 2007 . Things went fine for 6 months , until I have started to see little things going down . Then I have seen a huge change in his behavior . The spirit told me that he had a mental problem . By this time ,I have lost a considerable amount of weight and my hair started to fall out . He was trying to kill me in the spirit , The church I was attending , was a Prophetic ministry and my pastor and his wife was seeing some things and told me about it . Needless to say , I heed to what the Man and Woman of God was saying and started to fast and pray. I was crying out to the Lord for help. He didnt like it when I was doing that . I thought this is odd for someone to be a minister and say that . Well , after much discussion , we split up . I was hurt and at the same time , I was relieved because I knew God's grace was sufficient . I was delivered out of the enemy's grasp !

I can say I made it .... I made it ... I'm still here !!!!

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Comment by Prophetess Yolanda O. Irons on August 3, 2009 at 1:34pm
Hi Tara ! Thank you ...but did you read part 1 ??? *smile * But yes , I am walking in the victory because through it all , I had the good sense to trust the Lord ! God bless you !
Comment by Tara Robinson on August 3, 2009 at 1:27pm
Amen my sister God has Delivered you and now you have Peace I know because I been there done that God bless.

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