Why the hurry? I have been thinking about this a lot more lately as I drive. It seems everyone is in a huge hurry to get where they are going. Many are going to jobs they don’t even like and will complain about all week long. Why such a rush?

If you drive the speed limit or even the five miles over we erroneously try to justify, people pass you like you are sitting still! For the most part it is hurry, hurry, and hurry! I must admit that I get impatient when I am behind someone at a stoplight and they don’t move as soon as it turns green. But why?

Why are we in such a hurry? Is it simply because we can go faster? Is it because we have modern vehicles and have the ability to go faster than previous generations? Everything goes faster, so are we in a hurry just because we can?

The funny thing is that we can physically go so much faster; yet spiritually we go so much slower. Spiritually, we are so far behind those who came before. They could not travel in the natural as fast as we can but in spiritual matters, they far surpassed us.

Perhaps if we slow down in the natural, we could go further, faster in the spiritual.

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