The inspiration of man is mostly denied due to the knowledge gained,and wisdom denied.Just as Job;32;7 says,DAYS SHOULD SPEAK,AND MULTITUDE OF YEARS,SHOULD TEACH WISDOM.But due to the vway we were trained up,our knowledge,is usally used as a defense mechanism,for our learned theology.Job;32;8-BUT THERE IS A SPIRIT IN MAN,AND THE INSPIRATION OF THE ALMIGHTY,GIVETH THEM UNDERSTANING.We are so sure our point is right,that even after researching,we fail to realize,that even this Great Book of the Lord's word,was voted on by mere men.And even they didn't agree,one bible has 73 books,the other 66.How come the principle behind it all{THE LORD],just can't be enough.As we see with the canons,we think majority rules,but it never ends.Debates starts,finger pointing and heresey begins,and the lost continue to wander this world not choosing Christ,but the world.We all have a point, that never crosses the arrogant mind.John;20;30,MANY SIGNS TRULY DID JESUS IN THE PRESENCE OF HIS DISIPLES,WHICH ARE NOT IN THIS BOOK.Some arrogant christians,say GOD isn't speaking anything new,how do they know,we can't even figure out the old,we're going by the judges of yesterday,that said,this is inspired,and that isn't.James;4;5DO YE THINK THAT THE SCRIPTURE SAITH IN VAIN,THE SPIRIT(MAN) THAT DWELLETH IN US LUSTED TO ENVY.We don't all have to agree,just share our faith,so grace can engulf us all.Mark;9;40-FOR HE THAT IS NOT AGAINST US IS,ON OUR PART! Inspiration Denied and Christain Arrogancy,will lead to God's wrath,ISAIAH13;11-AND I WILL PUNISH THE WORLD FOR THEIR EVIL,AND THE WICKED FOR THEIR INIQUITY,AND I WILL CAUSE THE ARROGANCY OF THE PROUD TO CEASE,AND WILL LAY LOW THE HAUGHTINESS OF THE TERRIBLE! Let us Repent and give the glory to GOD!!

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