At Last-Days Christian Missions Inc. prayer is the cornerstone just as a prayerful life is the foundation of a truly active and sincere Christian faith. Prayer Warriors is NOT a church, but a Christian ministry that unifies almost all denominations of the local and global Christ following church and train missionaries,pastors teachers,apostles,prophet and evangelist. Through passionate, spirit filled prayer LDCM Prayer Warriors equips believers with an exciting, weekly experience designed to bring transformation and new levels of relationship with the Holy Spirit. We try to assist in them seeing God’s desire to use every individual towards His kingdom building purposes. ....

Using topics based on current events locally, nationally and globally we pray the Word to see the hand of God stretch forth in action according to His own Word. We will empower individuals as we unify in love, while in humility we put down self seeking goals to stand in the gap on behalf of individuals, the church, our communities and the nations. Through our weekly prayer groups, mission work and other gatherings we unite together as “LAST-DAYS”, paving the way for the move of the Holy Spirit and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Prepared to carry our torches into the darkness, in humility and with hearts to serve we encourage growth and accountability while following the example of Acts church love and camaraderie.....


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