I feel a senes of urgency today where my heart is troubled! I am fully convinced that this world is soon coming to an end'' I know that my Lord and savior is returning and He's returning very soon.. When I look at the direction the world is headed in and how everything is falling into the darkness of mans every imagination, It brings a tear to my eyes. We are as a whole further away from God then man has ever been, Now hold on brothers and sister who are saying how can this be! Well look around you everything that we use to have alittle respect about and would put alittle shade on. we as a society opnly embraces.. Every evil under the sun is freely taking place on a massive scale it is for this reason I have seen a vision which clearly reveals to me that the final days are at hand.. I know many will say that pastors have been saying this for along time now and everything is moving right along as usual, but I here today to tell you that time is running out! I here today to recommend that if you have been washed in the blood of the Lamb this is one shower you dont want to skip'' My brothers and sisters we are fighting the good fight I see you out there on the battle fields day & night! all that left to do is to press forward until the end'' lol I am with you even until the end of the world... In Jesus name I love you all and look farward to seeing ur faces somewhere around the throne..... House Of Praise

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