I was blessed on Friday night to hear someone speak that I had never heard before. He presented the message with such clarity and definition that it gave me a sense of a deeper hunger for a deeper relationship with God. My prayer is that our generation will come into fullness and rely solely on Holy Spirit; that we will come into a place of total intimacy with God. I pray for a wave of God's new wine to spread over us, to make His name known to the enemy through us. May we get caught up in the glory of the Lord: Jesus will make His name known as the fire goes before Him and burns up His adversaries. So let us worship and praise our God, let His presence manifest to burn up the enemy. Let us be forerunners of the soaking movement. Let the manifest presence of God melt those mountains in your life like wax.
Let us stay in His presence. Graham Cooke states in his interactive journal "God's Keeping Power" When we accept God as our keeper, we no longer have to pray, "Lord come to me," because He will have discovered us to be a people who He can't stay away from.” Our speaker on Friday night, I believe was inviting us into a place where we could experience Glory revival and stay in that place with God as His presence flooded our lives, igniting fires that are unquenchable. Thus that is my desire; I pray that you will let it be your desire as well. God comes when He sees His people coming together in unity, on one accord. He wants to bring His glory to earth. Let His will in Heaven be done here on earth, in earth and also in you. Let glory revival begin in you.

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