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Greeting Believers,
Grace to you, and the peace of God be multiplied to you through the knowledge of God and Jesus the Christ our King.
Below are the Product Offers from Kingdom Time Ministries! These are dynamic teachings on Kingdom Principles from the Word of God by Paul G. Williams. They are down loadable files that you can play with iTunes and Windows Media Player. Of course you can then load them to any MP3 player, or burn them to CD's for a mobile Kingdom Faith Library! Our products are for a limited time offer of only $2.49 Add these powerful messages to your library of faith building tools and watch the Kingdom of God come alive in your life today!
"How To Generate Momentum!"
1. God Must Become Your Source of Hope!
This Kingdom message will show you how to grasp momentum and swing it into your favor with the Word of God through faith. There are loads of precepts you can use in your day to day walk of faith with God and help you to take the Kingdom of God by force!
Item #1001
Buy Now Only $2.49
The Law of The Spirit of Life!
The Law of The Spirit of Life in The Blessing has made us free from the Law of Sin and Death. Experience How Momentum is generated by allowing the Law of The Spirit to override the Law of Sin and Death!
Item #1002
Buy Now Only $2.49
The Word of Truth Becoming The Word of Life!

This Word of Faith message of the kingdom will raise you from informational thinking to revelation thinking. We discuss the truth about growth levels that the Word takes us through, and how vital it is to capitulate to the influence of these stages for Kingdom living!
Item #1003
Buy Now Only $2.49

You Must Know and Believe The Grace of God!

To walk as a Kingdom citizen you must intimately know and believe the grace of God. This message will show you how momentum is generated in your life by learning to know Gods grace for yourself, and release the blessing of belief in that grace to change your approach to seeking the kingdom.
Item # KTM1004
Buy Now Only $2.49
Be Strong In The Grace That's in The Blessing!

The Word implicitly says to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! The Word of Truth must become the Word of Life and as it does faith becomes more necessary to enter into grace to stand! Find out more with this teaching that our strength lies within The Blessing!
Item #KTM1005
Buy Now Only $2.49
Grace and Truth Comes Through The Blessing!

Discover in this dynamic message how grace (which is empowerment to perform your assignment), and truth comes through the access of faith for the Blessing that is on Jesus. Find out for yourself why the blessing is not working on some individuals life and is absolutely working for others. This message will go right to the spirit of man! A must have for your faith walk of the love life!
Item #KTM1006
Buy Now Only $2.49
Stop Laboring, Start Gathering!

This Powerful teaching will blast ignorance out of your life and reveal the difference between employment and deployment. You will go from laboring for someone else to gathering for the Lord. You will discover your work and not allow laboring for provision to any longer be your assignment! All this comes from walking in the fullness of The Blessing!
Item #KTM1007
Buy Now Only $2.49

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