These were the words that was spoken to me yesterday in church, My Pastor said the LORD said "Let it Go", Now b 4 I tell u the outcome of that, I want to share with u, weeks B 4 this, a message was preached in church on "Unforgiveness" that message was for me, I had been wrongfully abused in my life, I was molested and raped more then I care to remember, but a healing deep within took place, B 4 my Brother passed away Aug 22 2009, I had no idea he was dying the week b 4 I allowed to let go of the offense by forgiving him and the others that had did an injustice to me.. When i found out he died, I cried so hard, because I never saw him after 20 yrs space to let him know I for gave him, but u see it wasn't for him it was for me to forgive and heal inwardly, Well yesterday in church my Pastor called me out and ministered to me, He said. the LORD said "LET IT GO", I did not understand it , because I thought I had forgiven and released it, but what I did not know and it was a revelation for me, when he said Let GO, I had not let go of the HURT & PAIN, and a big part was towards my husband, So me being who I am looked up these words in the dictionary and what I found out it was mental anquish, I had a battle going on in the mind, every time someone would mention his name, I would cry and feel the hurt and pain all over again, but today this morning , I sought the LORD and I gave it to him to free me from the HURT & PAIN, I release the ones that had the power to yet hurt me mentally and emotionally from the PAST. So u can forgive a person, but what happened to you if not dealt with you will rehearse it over and over in your mind, and it is a form of powere they have and tourment that the LORD came to free me from... So in the name of Jesus I declare and decree To Take back the power anyone had over me....

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