Are you a life builder? What is a life builder, you ask. It is someone who adds to the life of someone else. It is someone who is positive and does not add more negativity to the world. It has been said that you are either adding to someone's life or subtracting from it. Do you add or subtract? If you have read a motivating book, heard a motivating quote, song or have a life lesson through your own experience, share it here. Only life building allowed here. Do the Math and let's build a generation of positive people who live with passion, power and purpose. I look to hear from you.

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Comment by Rev. Rena Laster on March 6, 2009 at 10:12pm
The battle was not yours, it seems; it was the Lord's!
Comment by Micah RaSun-Vann on March 6, 2009 at 11:59am
God still works miracles.

This happened to me just last month. Last year 2008 around Jan or Feburary my purse was stolen from a coinloc ker at my gym. It appeared to be an inside job because I still have the key to the locker but apparently someone had a dummy key. I had two purses (which i always carry one for bibles and books, the other for personal belongings) in the locker. I had 2 cell phones, palm pilot, designer glasses, money I had just drawn from the bank, all my car keys ( i have 3), my house, and office keys. It was a mess. I calculated the value of the items in the purse to be about $2,000. The managers came and we filed a police report.

Here is the miracle. I received a call from the gym the earlier part of March of this year telling me to come and pick up my purse. Now that was strange but I didn't let my mind go there. I said to myself they probably took the money and left everything else. Well I went down to pick up my purse and lo and behold there were my two purses. Everything in tact. Money, phones, glasses, books I mean everything.

All i could think was God knocked the devil upside his head and made him give it all back.

God still works Miracles!!!!!!

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