Praise the Lord Everyone!

Tradition has kept us from being "Naked" before all that need to hear and read the truth. Freedom does not come without a price whether it being a lost marriage or losing members of the body who could not stand with you during your struggles. The Word of God is teaching me that we are his light, but without struggle our light will never "Shine" nor can we Minister without life experience. It does not matter whether you struggled with sexual sins or being trapped and tripped up by the enemy with various obstacles, but the beauty of it all is that Christ has set you free and we no longer have to live in Sin (Gal 5&1). We can now live in freedom and tell the World that I was a "Struggler" in Sin, but now I am a new creature in Christ Jesus. Today, I am FREE from various strongholds that had me bound in same sex attractions and the Occult.

My true Deliverance came when I truly realized that...... I loved God more than the Sin!!!!! Renouncing all the things that work against the WILL of GOD. It's time for many to wakeup and stop being a "Pretender" and become a "Real Contender" in this Kingdom because we are all in true Spiritual WAR FARE in this Day! Who will step up in this day and say...... I am FREE

Ministers pray for me as the Lord continues to guide my walk in Ministry.


Min. TGilbert

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