Lord, this is a really messy situation... and from it a miracle came forth?

Lord, this is a really messy situation... and from it a miracle came forth?

As I pondered on the blog title one of my favorite women in the Bible came to mind. Hannah (ISamuel 1-2). Hannah received a miracle. Her barren womb was opened and she not only bore a prophet of God (Samuel) but had other children as well. Yes it was a miracle. But as you look back Hannah had a not so pretty start. The road to the miracle caused her pain, there had to be anguish. In fact the pain was so penetrating that Elkanah's (her husband) double portion, overflow of love and preferred attention did not fulfill her.

No this pain took her to the altar, it caused her to supplicate before the Living God. The altar became her communing place with God. A place that defined yet changed her broken state. I'm sure as she prayed she wanted the miracle but her flesh said How God can a miracle come forth and this life I'm living is a mess. How God when my status has been downgraded to that of the barren woman, the woman who cannot fulfill what she was ordained to do. This mess was not because she did something wrong- it just happened. There was no willful disobedience, rebellion no Hannah was in fact an innocent woman. And surely this was not because God has a lack of love for her. Her name means grace/favored. So this led me to believe this barrenness was a part of a process that called for promises of God and would ultimately lead to a purpose.

Many times in ministry we hit this same point or state of mind as Hannah. It may not be a physical child but it could be a ministerial assignment, a commissioned work by the Father. Many may not openly say it but they murmur and cry out to God in a barren state of mind or spirit. Crying out for the living water to flow through. Wondering where the funding will come from for the work. Not realizing that because He called you- Hannah it shall be done. Her name meant favor even though her circumstance did not depict it- God called her favored. Now who wins circumstances or the Lord of Host? There are times when the enemy will bear down on your spirit and attempt to get you off balanced or out of focus.

Penninnah, the other wife of Elkanah was on her job! She provoked Hannah, irritated her to no end. Oh my goodness she flaunted her societal status as a proof that Hannah's life was indeed a hopelessly messy situation. She was a constant reminder that a miracle was not possible. Hmm.. did she not realize that God will use your enemy as a footstool.

Penninnah's attitude worked an irritant. However, she was instrumental in Hannah taking the step of faith to the altar. She served to push her right out of the mess into a miraculous realm. As a result, Hannah was processed. The brokenness at the altar propelled her,it got God's attention. He moved on her behalf. The womb was opened. Spiritually she was prepared to give birth to a promise of God. She was stepping into the perfect will of God for her life. God openly displayed his character in full array. He opened her womb, gave her a male child, a prophet at that. He did not stop there she had more than one child. Sounds likes God to me.

God worked through what could very well be perceived as a messy uncomfortable situation for Hannah. He took her from a mess to a miracle. His divine timing and intervention are indeed supernatural. God is in fact the God that is there. He moves by His spirit and brings order to chaos. Hannah was a willing vessel. A weeping vessel of prayer. She pushed pass her fleshly barrenness and poured out her spirit at the altar. She was positioned herself for the move of God. Yes, God speaks audibly but he also speaks by His movement. He breathe the breath of life on her womb. It opened and she became fruitful. Hannah was not defined by the mess however by her namesake. God fulfilled her birthright. The same to the born again believer. He fulfills His promises. Not just with material goods but with His peace, His protection, His love etc. So yes though the road to your miracle looks long and rocky-God is still working a miracle in the midst. Stay positioned at the altar in worship, travail is not a thing of the past, and miracles still come forth by the power of God that works through you.

Pastor V
God's Girl

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Comment by Lovley on April 21, 2009 at 2:25am
Fresh and Enlightening.... Proverbs tells us ... "in all they getting get an understanding". Understanding is indeed the key to peace in the midst of the storm.

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