'Many are called  but few are chosen',(Matthew 22vs 14.)

This verse has always create confusion in my heart,each time i read the bible and come across this statement by our Lord Jesus Christ,my heart begin to say to me God is God,he is all Knowing why not just call the few that he need.Then the Lord began to open my eyes to see that he is a faithful God that gives chance to all.so we are called by grace but we are chosen by faithfulness,so if you must be the choice of god you must arise to faithfulness,Gen,37vs 2these are the generation of Jacob,Joseph been seventeen years old was feeding the flock of his father with his brethren the sons of Bilha and Zilpha his father's wives. and Joseph brought unto his father their evil report,Joseph refuse to be part of their evil because of his faithfulness to God. and God gave him a dream and the devil tries to steal away the dream through Portiphars wife,but Joseph remain faithful but his faithfulness brought  his dream to pass,when a man is faithful to God there is no mountain too  high for him to climb.Many are called but few are chosen you are call by grace but  you will be chosen by faithfulness,May the Lord give you understanding in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

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