• I’ve grown accustomed to being alone it seems that I have been this way all of my life, the odd ball… the black sheep of the family. It took me a very long time to understand that what I called rejection & betrayal God called PREPARATION for the journey!!!
    God is continuously & gently reassuring me time & time again of my worth in His eyes & He reminds me that my value isn’t based on man's approval, but solely on His. God’s reassurance and words of encouragement helped wash away my pride & began to replace it with His mercy and grace. I am daily reminded that I am His and He loves me despite my flaws, insecurities and even my peculiarities!!!

    Dear Lord, I pray for Your wisdom & comfort to deal with situations in which I feel hurt, rejected and worthless. Continue to Fill me with Your love so I can love others, even when I do not feel loved in return. Please help me to remember the only One I need to seek approval from is You, and that in You alone I can truly believe I am worthy and unconditionally loved. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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