mikes story of abuse witchcraft to free healed set free in jesus

This is mikes story the journey of my life
I dedicate this story to a few very special people Nana my great grandmother my grandparents mama and papa who were there for me in the very early years and also to Cyril Beth Frank Alison Ed and to Geraldine my beautiful wife
In Revelation chapter 3 v12 Jesus states him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God and in v5 he states he that over comes will be clothed in white. Job 23 v 10 when he has tried me I shall come forth as Gold
It is not where we start out that matters but where we finish that really counts Victorious over comers in Christ wedding garments of white for the great supper of the King when he returns washed clean restored and ready.
Names have been changed as publication of them would result in legal action in new Zealand it is against the law in NZ to tell of family court proceedings out side of court
I was born in 1951 the third son and last of Norman and Vivian Service
I was not wanted by my mum My first recollections of life were at Braxmere fishing lodge at Tokannu at the southern end of Lake Taupo I was happy I can remember being loved by the local Maori people feeling accepted loved
WE then moved back to Auckland to Avondale in the western suburbs.
My Dads parents lived next door they were great to me my Papa would come up to our house every night and would always tell me I was his boy and hug me The Service family were Masonic lodge people all the men for generations were involved. Mama and Papa started going to a Baptist church and there were many arguments they were born again
Nana as we called her Mama’s mother lived with a friend up the road my great grandmother she had played the organ for smiths wriggles worth when he came to NZ Everyone in my family feared her but all I felt was love she taught music and taught my brothers how to play I would hide in the trees sometimes as she went past she would call me over place her hands on me and pray and speak over my life
As for my own family my mum would take me to bed play with me sexually tell me I would never be any good with girls this was from a very early age
Her father my grandad violated me twice I was taken into him by my mum and grandma his wife I ran away to find my Dad I was caught the first time at the top of our street the second time about a mile from home my Dad threw them out. My mum would talk to me of him but I could not remember him as I grew up or what he had done I only knew I could not talk properly
Everyday I was told I was dirty filthy disgusting rotten filthy dumb useless piece of garbage my head was bashed against the wall as all this was spoken over me. I went to school most days sore and bruised I was / am a little deaf so I was belted everyday for being dumb I was not allowed to do my home work and my eldest brother would administer punishment if I tried at school
My mum told me God always rejects the youngest and hates the youngest
The youngest is also a scapegoat for the older ones in the family and must take the blame for all they do. My brothers when they had done wrong would blame me and I would get the belt
My mum also took me with her when she had an abortion I had to wait for ages and when she came out she told me she had gotten rid of my little sister as we didn’t want her this gave me nightmares for years
I would dream at night of driving over my family in an army tank till they were no more and my life was consumed by hate
I will talk of these things later and how God healed me
At 16 - 17 I would run away at night down near the local shops and at one dairy crawl in near this big German shepherd and hide behind the garbage bins and run home just before my dad came home
When I was 16yrs Nana died just before she did I was called to her bedside she asked to see me alone my mum said no and took my brothers in first she prayed they would turn to the Lord. Then asked to see me alone my mum said no oh well was her response come here Michael and kneel beside me
She laid hands on me and said you will be the first to know freedom and Jesus you will be the head as Abraham Isaac Jacob so I give you my blessing you are the one chosen by God
At 18 my Papa did the same he told me you will never see me again and 48hrs later was gone. I was still not saved He told me you will go through hell but five years from now you will become a Christian.
At fourteen my Dad took me alone and after belting me for playing up with a local girl gave me my guardian angels ie enough demons to go on to become grand master of grand Masonic lodge new Zealand
I had a lot of power from then on and was a on my way to a big future in the occult
I went wild in life drinking myself to oblivion most nights living wild
I would speed everywhere and when I was near a cop the hairs on my arms would stand up so I would slow down drive past and boot it go around a corner hide wait go home laugh at them out side my gate A Christian cop talked to me one day telling me I needed the Lord I remember laughing at him he caught me a few days later and let me off with a warning as we had helped him get to an accident earlier that day
A few months later I lay on my floor drunk as usual and cried out to the Lord it was five years since my Papas word to me
I was invited to a church and gave my life to the Lord It was a big church and majored on holiness and I learnt so much but needed deliverance which I never received. I was always told if I read the word and devoured it I would be changed so I read and read and read one night I had an encounter with Jesus and I was changed later I was told I had become very unbalanced and was a faith freak and had to change although they majored on the word and I learnt so much deliverance was little taught and that’s what I needed I never felt accepted from the start there all the things I had struggled with were still going down in my life
You had to go and ask if a young woman was interested in you and get permission to talk to her. Every time I went I was rejected later I found out they were never asked as I was not good enough Many times I was accused of saying disgusting things about the young woman and could never understand where they got the info from
Then I was pushed into a marriage to we will call her Jane. A few days before the marriage I tried to get out of it and was told I must go ahead later I was told the pastor said he wished I had and should have gotten hold of him
The marriage was hell she was worse then my mother abusing yelling screaming pulling knives on me she would walk up to me and out of the blue tear my face open with her nails and then phone church elders and tell them I had just beaten her up and I would get in trouble. She would also phone the police telling them I was threatening her with a knife and to beat her up She would spend all the money and blame me once again going to the church about me The church tried to council us and help and it took a long time for them to see the truth
I came home one day to see a leaflet sticking out of her draw it was on all the ways to frame your husband for sexually abusing daughters by the lesbian woman’s liberation front on of the ways was to make love to your husband and then plant all over the babies bed to frame him I found out a day or two later this is what she had done but was cleared
Also about this time I was working in the garden cleaning up and put my hand into a hornets nest and got 30 stings in my arm I staggered inside and fell on the floor pleading for her to phone for an ambulance she refused I got up and started to do so but fell to the floor the pain was incredible then I remember looking down on my body and seeing all this light in the distance I said no Lord no Rosie needs me here to fight for her and I remember waking up as the ambulance arrived I got up and went out to meet them I was fine
We had a daughter Rosie but because of the way she abused her I refused to have anymore. By the time she was two the marriage was on the rocks and I was accused of sexually abusing Rosie. She tried to frame me but all back fired on her We went to the family court and as it was days to Christmas it was orde’d I stay for the interim
Up to this point she had gone to the church pleading I had not been giving her any money for food and the house had no food in it all the time.
I came home two days after xmass to an empty house even all the things I had before our marriage were gone and family heirlooms smashed to pieces.
I had to face court over and over on sex and abuse charges.
Rosies social workers were witches openly telling me so they told me after they had destroyed me they would be able to destroy the church and more churches would follow. I would come home and find all sorts of occult things done around the home. I went to court and after not seeing Rosie for months won custody of her. They were furious at their loss. Rosie complained of mums boyfriend sexually abusing her I reported this many times trying to get help for her. They got her taken away from me as I was an abuser it was never done in court I was taken to a mental hospital and after hours in a room being told my brain was dysfunctional and poor legal council I surrendered
At this time they also broke into my house at night I awoke to find the queen on my bed touching me the next thing she was on top of me and I was pinned to the bed and raped It was no use phoning police as they had me on a list of violent sex offenders they would not investigate “john” at all and insisted I was the offender I spent hour that night after they had been crying in the bottom of the shower. The queen witch Rosies social worker told me as she left that will fix you for good This happened twice I did not know how to war as a Christian and had been taught to fear witches and evil

Rosie also told of being taken to a place where all the woman wore black robes and men too they touched me down there and I had to touch them they also pricked me down there and put something into me it hurt The queen rang me to say she belongs to us now and will never be a Christian
All this time children were placed into homes by social workers where they were abused every time these same social workers would state they were sorry they were overworked that how it happened
I asked the Lord to show me what I was up against and prayed for some time I saw a vision from hell the social worker was at a coven along with the judge who hated me and many others who were in the system al professionals I had seen or heard of
Everyday I got calls the police placed me on a list of abusers the police refused to investigate john the queen would phone up screaming at me how evil I was and how they would destroy the church and me and all Christians one day the mental hospital telling me my mind was very sick it was confused I really was an abuser but could not see the truth god did not exist only in my head I was very sick mentally. But they could not break me
I began to get books on spiritual warfare and read them and slowly began to fight back they broke into my house numerous times I left all my dairies on the table they came in and ransacked the house phoned me up later telling me they would find them and take them one day they had been sitting on the table covered by a newspaper
One night they arrived and I went out to their car and spoke out load can I cut their cord Lord and then they will die out loud they were using astral travel to come inside Jesus said no I had spoken out loud I went back inside they left and did not return for fear I would cut it the cord between body and spirit
I found a Christian barrister and went to the high court and set legal president in this country Rosie had been a court ward to protect her from me I won custody off the child welfare
It was a huge fight we could not deal with john as we did not know who he was and no one would tell me At this stage I had left the church and was on my own The queen went to a couple in church who wanted to take Rosie off me and told them they could have her if they turned against me It was a lie as she could only be placed with blood relatives if neither myself or my ex could look after her The night before I left I could not sleep the Lord kept telling me I kept my son in Egypt I will take care of you we had been taught if we left the church we would never make it
Rosie was 8yrs old and a mess when I bought her home the child experts said looking after her was equal to looking after four normal children. She was taken to a children’s health camp for three months and I went for a one week parenting coarse there. Rosie told of a lot of the evil done to her by her mother and john and while there I was confronted about all the abuse I had suffered I almost cried but did not I had never cried all my life I was too tough for tears but upon returning home I broke down and cried for days
I sat with God and just began to pour it out I had never had a childhood I did not know what it was like to be loved I had tried for all the years I was a Christian to be good enough for God to love me but still did not believe I was worth loving
About this time I had met Cyril and Beth Tremain an awesome spirit filled salvation army couple who were into deliverance They started praying for me just prior to my going to High Court and they had me over and began to pray over me Over that year they prayed much with me as demon after demon was caste out as I opened up more we went deeper when it came to rejection my body went wild but also with many others
I began to get free but my ex and the queen and the coven were contacting all claiming injustice I was a sex abuser they tried on a number of occasions to kill me One night I awoke as a hand with a knife came through the window above me I pulled the pillow up just in time and the knife hit the pillow and then the dog bit the arm but many attempts were made to get me
So we left the city choosing to go to the far north of new Zealand to live near family
We arrived at 1.45am in the morning in the north at a relatives home it was so late they had organised for us to live at the home of an absent friend but we stayed in their sleep out for the night. I had been asleep only minutes and Rosie was right next to me snuggled up when I was aware of a hand trying to touch her after a brief struggle and the assailant grabbing me by the throat I threw him off and whoever it was fled into the night. The family said they heard me having a night mare but on one could have come near us
The next morning I was told if I was going to live near them I was expected to work in their shop for free for at least a year also I was whacked across the face and told I wish you had remained smaller than I so I could still beat you up
We moved into his friends house for two months it was literally alive at night the woman who owned the house was supposedly the greatest demon caster out a in the region but spirits were all around and through the house. This relative told me I could never be free unless this woman prayed for me She never did get the opportunity
We moved into town shortly afterwards to begin a new life but it was a diaster my relatives phoned around to tell all I was a sex abuser along with the queen also small country communities can be deadly with gossip
Everywhere we went I was rejected evil I managed to get a job but I was supposed to have made disgusting phone calls to a woman there and was sacked I would have made enough money to clear my debts as I had been on welfare and still owed money from my business days to the tax department
Later I found out many in the district were receiving ring for a second calls the phone just starts to ring and stops all were told I did these They were also told I was a stalker of woman at night I used to take my old dog out walk up the hill above the town watch the sun go down and come home
Rosie left about this time for a holiday with her mother and did not come back Every time she made friends they were contacted and told I was a sex offender my family and social worker joining forces She did not return and I was alone. I got to know a lady in the church with a young daughter then I got a call from Auckland telling me if I did not break this friendship I would have court orders placed on me I was reported for sexual offences against my daughter benefit fraud (I was on welfare) tax fraud by family I was told
Also within 4 months I had to break my friendship with my lady I was bankrupted by the tax department they were going to let me off all I owed but when it was reported to them I was a fraudster and had a new business going (a lie) they bankrupted me The lady I loved was stalked and although I was not in town but far away in Auckland the church asked time to admit I had done it I would not so I was excommunicated from church then my grandmother mums died my dad died and my old dog all within weeks
My relative phoned to say they were so glad they had destroyed me for good
Here I was out of church completely all support gone my Dad had helped me so much in the last years everything was gone I would get up and wait on God before I went down town I had to walk past the church every time where I had been thrown out of and many would stare and make nasty comments at me as I went they were the Christians and it hurt I had to just bless them back and carry on
My relatives also became gare givers of Rosie at this time they would around showing their trophy to all people believing I had been convicted of abuse .
But God had begun to move mightily in my life as we came to this stage I kept waking up at night dreaming I was back at the old family home gripped with fear in front of that old room I could never go into so I asked the Lord if there is something I need to face then take me back there to over come it but I need you to go with me. That night it came back but as I went down the passage Jesus was standing by the door he looked at me and said lets go in together so he took my hand and in we went Then I saw grandad on the bed on top of me and I knew what he had done I was so angry I wanted to find his grave and smash it to a million pieces he had violated those times that’s why I had run away. My Dad had found out and thrown them from the house that’s why my Mum always blamed me for ruining her marriage her life.
Two women social workers stepped up and tried to help one a govt one the other worked for a local Maori organisation both died within days of each other in head on car crashes
Also I was hit by cars several times at night on the way home this was deliberate
Then when I had been thrown out of the church I decided to end it all but a friend phoned God had laid on her heart I wanted to end it all we love you God loves you I said ok I wont but was still going to then Cyril phoned he was not put off that easy and wouldn’t let me go I had worked out what to do but needed to be up at the road at 10.30 as the truck convoy came through but he kept me talking till 10.40 so I did not do it
That night I had a dream Jesus came into the room and stood there he had a garment around his waist and his chest was bare he looked at me and said I have come to set you free I need to hug you to set you free. I screamed at him to -’/.; off no one hugs me and not like that I just went mad as and he left gone I cried I thought I had sent my lover away forever I cried and cried and cried and fell asleep again. He came back and looked at me and said are you ready I nodded he came over and picked me up in his arms hugged me and kissed me. For the first time in my life I knew I was loved really loved we went through my life
I saw a little baby I was only days old when I went back to hospital dying I saw a nurse about 50 saying to all the others oh they were saying he wont live she said I will save him his mother doesn’t want him she picked the baby up and hugged him tubes and all and spent time coming back again and again stroking my head showing love I recovered Then he showed me braxmere down Taupo and all the Maori ladies picking me up hugging me etc then it was Avondale Auckland my great grandmother my grand parents and others
He looked at me with such love and said I sent them all to you but now I have come myself to you oh we talked so much that night I woke the next morning totally drunk on love filled with the spirit so filled I could not walk
Also at around this time I had a dream I was in a field of flowers they swayed in the breeze there was a beautiful blonde woman standing in front of me she looked like a service she said come here mike I want to hug you I pulled back Jesus was standing there he said you can hug her she’s your sister the one your mum aborted she was so beautiful she has the name I gave her.
After my seeing Jesus my stutter went within two days and I could talk properly
Just over a year later I left town and moved to Thames new job new town I thought my family called my employers and warned them I was a sex offender and made dirty phone calls once again and it all happened again only this time as a punishment all the boxes in the freezers I was working in were pushed on top of me. My arm shoulder were damaged beyond repair I was sacked and also placed on a nation wide list of unemployable people because of my offending using the phone to harass women and all the stalking
The lady I was going to marry up north married a friend of my family as they wanted it lasted less than two years the church who threw me out it was the pastors wife whom God? Gave the word to that I was guilty she got throat cancer and was unable to talk for a long time all who believed all the evil and retaliated have been through deep water
At Thames I would go for long walks up into the bush/ mountains I found a huge rock the witches used for sacrifice and prayed over it for hours we had a huge storm come and the rock was rolled over several times and when I went back it was clean as oh it was the size of a small house
Whilst there I was still seeing children placed into homes where they were abused by govt social workers the queen and her friends and was sick of it
I spoke to some and was encouraged to speak up about it all. Also I heard through the grape vine John had gone to jail for abusing Rosie all was to be sealed and I’m not to know anything to this day I would be entitled to compensation for all they have done he was related to the queen either brother or cousin to this day all has to remain hidden under strict govt order
I wrote to all the TV stations in new Zealand after I moved to Rotorua lots of members of parliament etc some Christian members of parliament sought to get a commission of enquiry going all attempts failed
Our last govt was run by witches the new govt is a bit better but all is to be kept under wraps still
I was seen by a senior policeman and told if I kept stirring against such powerful people I would end up encased in concrete at the bottom of the sea.
Well I’m still alive because its not Gods time for me to go and he is more powerful than all the witches etc combined from all the world
If it were starting now I would make mince meat of them all me and Jesus no problem and I know where to go for prayer backing
Rosie still does not contact me she believes the lies she has been told We pray for her each day and that is all we can do God is faithful and will bring her again from the land of the enemy
I got married again to Geraldine in Rotorua many told her not to I was a monster but she listened to God I was not supposed to be able to have children but as you will see we have Katie and I have not taken any hormone stuff for years God is so faithful
I am now the stay at home half of the family and care for Katie all day and prepare dinner and all that for all my girls
Also my arm is healed and doesn’t bother me at all now well I would love to be able to wind my fishing rod in that’s about all I cant do. It used to hang like a useless piece of meat oh God is good
Satan works on fear when he attacks us if we fear him he drives us back if we stand our ground he retreats
I am just so thankful God is awesome there is nothing the enemy throws at us that he cant bring us through nothing
We now live in Wanganui I am married to Geraldine we have Nyasha and Katie god is so faithful he bought me again

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