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On today's Monday Mantle I want to encourage you to Reach Out!

At the fast pace that this world is moving it is so easy to be overwhelmed
with the day to day routines as well as the new surprises that every
day may bring. It is very easy not to appreciate the place and time
that you are in. If you are like me, sometimes we take a second look
and ask ourselves is it really 2009 already?

At whatever age you find yourself while reading this blog, it is safe to say that you'll agree with me that time is going fast.We must realize that beyond fame
and fortune, time is the most valuable asset we have in our name.
Unlike money or material possession, when we spend or lose it, we
cannot recover it. We cannot recover the time we have lost.

If you can reflect back in 2008 then ask yourself this question, "How many
people did I reach out to in 2008?" After you have answered the
question, now answer a second question. After assessing the time you
had available to expend in the whole year ask, "How many people could
have I reached out to in 2008?

In no way is this to judge you or try to bring any guilt upon you, it is
merely for reflection and encouragement to value your time and how you
invest it.

Read the following quotes;

Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions.”
John Randolph

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”.

At this point you must think that this blog is about time but in fact it's
not, it's about reaching out. But if you fail to value the precious
commodity of time, then the opportunities to reach out will be very

Before we move on and for you to get a full measure of
understanding, I want you to really change your perception of time. You
should perceive time more valuable than even money. If you had all the
money in the world but no time left to enjoy it, then what good will
the money be to you. Therefore time is more valuable than any amount of
money. You just have to see it that way!

Have you ever heard or said the following;

"If I only had more money, I would help people."
"If only I was talented to do that then I would really help people."
"I've always wanted to help people but I don't have the time."
"I've always wanted to help people but I don't know how."
"You should of said something, I would of helped you."
"Nobody asks me for help."

What I am going to do closer to the end of this blog is break down and address every phrase. So read on.

I want to encourage you to reach out by stating some benefits through the following phrases:

1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This is a biblical principal that states the old adage that "What goes
around comes around..." When you start reaching out to people and
giving of yourself then do not be surprised if more people start
responding in a positive way to you than before. This works, its a
principal that has worked for all walks of life.

2. What you sow, you shall reap.

This is another biblical principal that is universal. When you sow your time
and effort for someone else you will reap a harvest in your own life. I
am not talking about money, I'm talking about your time and effort.

3. You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.

Many don't understand this reasoning but it truly works. When you help
someone else get what they want that you really want it helps you get
what you want much easier. We want a lot of things and sometimes we
never get them, many times for fear of failure or just plain doubt that
we do not deserve them.

By helping someone else get what they
want you experience the desire and expectation without the doubt or
fear of failure because its not you. Once you've helped that other
person get what they want you have developed an expectation through
experience for your life to receive it and there is no room for fear
and doubt. It's yours.

4. When you give of your time and effort to others, You Grow!

Every time you invest your time and effort in someone else the value of your
life stock goes up. Because you have invested in that person, no matter
who it is you have become more valuable to the world. People and things
are valuable because of its use and what it has to offer. If there is
no use for it or if nothing is offered then there is no value. When you
have value people value you. When people value you they appreciate you
and you have a sense of belonging and meaning. When you have a sense of
meaning then the fountain of giving from your life never ceases.

The question is....How can you reach out to someone?

There are a million ways to reach out to people around you but I will only
name a few and if I have inspired you, you will research for more. Here
are a few that will not cost a dime to do but its value is priceless:

I recommend starting with family, friends and co-workers and move on from there.

1. Practice a neighborly attitude

Saying Hello and Good Morning, acknowledges the receiver and gives them a
sense of belonging as they feel they have been noticed in this world.
Just this mere gesture can stop a person from having suicidal thoughts
because of rejection. Try it!

2. Smile

This simple gesture has been known to stop arguments, discords and even many
breakups. The power of a smile could make a person's whole day. Your
smile can deliver a truck load of relief, friendship and acceptance to
the otherwise lonely, isolated and withdrawn introvert.

3. Use your talents

You may not have money or material goods but you do have talent. No talent
is insignificant. From boiling an egg to constructing a home, you are
in there somewhere. Use what you know. If its decorating, organizing,
cleaning or motivating, it helps. If its cooking, baking, or graphic
design you can reach out to someone with your talent.

Those were just a few but there are millions of ways. People are not going to
carry a big sign or write it on there foreheads that they need our
help. If we want to reach out we must make an effort and ask, seek and
knock to see who we can invest a piece of our lives in. That is why I
recommend to start with family, friends and co-workers.

Finally, I'll address the questions from above that you may have heard or said:

"If I only had more money, I would help people."

You don't need money, you have time and talent. Use that.

"If only I was talented to do that then I would really help people."

You may not be talented to do that but you are talented. Use your talents and find the people that need them.

"I've always wanted to help people but I don't have the time."

in this world is given the exact same time, only 24 hours a day. If
others have found the time, then don't let that be the excuse that no
one remembers you when you're gone.

"I've always wanted to help people but I don't know how."

Ask, seek and knock around to see who needs help. Start with your family, friends and co-workers.

"You should of said something, I would of helped you."

Don't wait for them to say something. If they are close to you then be on the lookout!

"Nobody asks me for help."

Simple, then ask them!

I know this has not been a power packed bible verse type of blog, but in
its simple form people need to be reminded to reach out. You'd be
surprised of all the wrinkled face, grudging, non-giving spiritual
people we have walking around.

Bottom line is, that reaching out not only helps others but makes you happy doing it. Drugs, chocolate, clothes, shoes, movies, sex are some other examples of our attempt to grab happiness through "perishable means." Perishable things may give
us momentary pleasure but not happiness.

An example of a "durable item" that can lead to a state of happiness is your repeated and consistent acts of kindness to others. Those acts of kindness are
like the deposits in your saving account.


Touch Someone! Teach Someone!Love Someone! Help Someone! Bless Someone! Save Someone!

Thank you for reading my blog

Rev Hope

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