Hi everyone, it isn't to much I post a blog, but today my dad preached at my church, I was so shocked when he called me Thursday and told me that my Apostle asked if he wold preach on Sunday, I was shocked! because she usually don't allow too many people to come in and preach,she does not trust too many people after people has pretended to be her friend and end up leaving with some of the members,so i knew she had to see something in him, So today he shocked me all i can say is I am very honored to be his daughter, he has evangelized for 20 years and before he moved down here to north carolina he was ordained to be a pastor, today I was imagining myself, and thinking about where GOD wants me to be and I keep trying to run, but it dawned on me,that some of the things he said GOD delivered him from is some of the same demons that torment me,or has in the past,sometimes as i go through in life, and backslide, I feel that I am never gonna be where GOD wants me to be, but he will give me a dream and show me where I am suppose to be giving out food,clothes, etc, it's strange how he reminds us of what he wants us to do,so I was just sitting back and thinking about how my dad use to do some of the meanest things, and wildest things and nowwwwwwww he is truly a man OF GOD,and hopefully one day I will be where GOD wants me to be,and where my dad is praying for me to be.Another thing, I have the papers to my final..for my theological courses and it seem that I am being distracted, it's the same way with my computer administration class I have one class then I'll be done and it's like everything is trying to block it. I have a question though do you think that GOD will block something, if you are not doing what he called you to do? please help me someone!

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