PRESS RELEASE 4 October 2010


ALCOLU, S.C. - The Have Faith Community Development Corporation (HFCDC) and (SODC LLC) Supply on Demand Company LLC is building on 1000 acres of long neglected woodlands and formerly substandard mobile home parks here, in one of the most “distressed” counties in this country, according to data issued by the South Carolina Employment Security Commission (ESC).

A Distressed County is defined by ESC, as one with a combination of the highest unemployment rate and lowest per capita income. Clarendon County, where the Alcolu Revitalization District (ARD) is located, has an unemployment rate, as of the spring of 2009, of 16.9 percent, according to ESC.

However, Bishop Dwayne Johnson, CEO of HFCDC, and Evangelist Anthony L Griffin President of SODC LLC are on what they described as a “divinely inspired mission” to revitalize this old mill town, the lives of those he found here, and the many who followed him and his family from Bellport, New York, to launch his ministry here over 15 years ago.

Interestingly, this unincorporated village, located just off of Interstate 95 and S.C. Highway 521, was the saw mill center and economic hub of this county since the 1800s. The most recent company to operate a mill here was Georgia Pacific. It employed over 1,000 people. The company closed and relocated the jobs to Johnsonville, SC. in 1998.

The loss of 1,000 jobs left the village destitute. Relative prosperity was replaced by extreme poverty and an expansion of substandard mobile home parks, drug dealing and prostitution in this area. Eventually, however, Bishop Johnson’s HFCDC stepped in to purchase approximately 1000 acres of the area and established the ARD.

HFCDC has invested over three million dollars into ARD to serve single mothers, struggling families, and children in New York’s foster care system; Bishop Johnson has brought to the program here.

Planners are now calling on others to make contributions, roll-up their sleeves and get involved in a worthy project that will reward the new visionaries financially and spiritually.

For further information go to or call - 803-473-5573 and ask for Bishop Dwayne Johnson or Elder J.M. Langhorne. Or Evangelist Anthony L Griffin at 706-825-5691 email

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