Psalms 116:17 I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the LORD.


I designed this picture as I sat in my private devotion time last night. Then the Lord gave me the scripture in Psalms 116:17. Let's break down that scripture:

Part 1 - King David was saying that he would offer God the SACRIFICE of Thanksgiving. A sacrifice is not something we always WANT to do, but it's what we NEED to's like sowing a seed into a ministry and knowing there will be a bountiful harvest in return for your obedience.

Part 2 -'s not a date on the calendar; To the Body of Christ, thanksgiving has nothing to do with the pilgrims on Plymouth Rock; that was NOT the first thanksgiving. I will share with you what thanksgiving's an action, it's a state of mind, heart and spirit in the grateful child of God for all that He has done in the past, is doing right now, and is able to do in the future. A turkey dinner with all the trimmings with family and friends didn't hang on the cross, watching a lot of college football games and betting on the outcome; didn't determine the outcome of whether Jesus would rise from the grave. Football, and Plymouth Rock had not been discovered when Jesus hung, bled, died and rose with all power in His hand. Thanksgiving is a daily state of being, a realization that nobody can do for us, to us and with us...what JESUS can do.

Part 3 - Call upon the name of the many times have we spent Thanksgiving in morning church service, then have a nice family dinner, and share testimonies for the rest of the day, or have a serious Intercessory Family Prayer time? We call upon the name of the Lord when things go wrong in the family don't we? When cousin JuneBug gets arrested or Grandma Betty is in the hospital etc. the family gathers around and starts crying out to God. Why don't we call on God all year? Why don't we give a sacrifice of thanksgiving throughout the year, even when things are going bad?

Thanksgiving is just what it says: Giving THANKS, and God expects, appreciates and deserves our thanksgiving at all times, it should continually be in our mouth. So this year, when the turkey is gone, the bellies are full, family has gone back home and the kitchen is clean; remember to be thankful in everything, at all times, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus, concerning you.

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