There is a thirst, a hunger and longing in the heart of a true covenant child which nothing else can satisfy other than the presence of God. No material thing can reach deep enough in the heart of man to quench this longing.
What the 1st Adam lost in the garden was the presence of God not gold or precious stones! that's why the moment the presence was lifted there was an immediate sense of nakedness and shame ( Gen 3:7,10). Man was designed to dwell in the presence not to visit!!. The presence is a covering and shield!
Without His presence we become vulnerable to all forms of satanic attacks in life and ministry.
Moses knew the essence of His presence becoz he was a man of the presence ( Exodus 33:14,15)
Is it possible that the 21st century church is sophisticated, glamorous and eloquent but lacking in the presence?
The church is quickly becoming an intellectual entity and shallow spiritually, our foundations are disintergrating!
People enter our well decorated sanctuaries laden with burdens and they leave the same way they came, is there no balm in gilead!!(Jer 8:22) It ought not to be so. Where is the presence of God?
We have a power problem! that's why the wisdom of men has taken over the running of the church, Paul said to the corinthians, i came to you in the demonstration of the Spirit and power that the foundation of your faith should be on God's power not words of men,( 1 cor 2:4,5) how phenomenal! We teach today for doctrine the commandments of men ( Mark 7:7)
God spoke to Moses and said My presence shall go with thee and i will give thee rest (Exodus 33:14). In His presence you rest from your labours!. David the man after God's heart knew the significance of His presence that when he sinned he cried out to God; Cast me not away from thy presence and take not thy Holy Spirit from me(Psalm 51:10)
He did not weep for the kingdom or kingship he wept for the presence!
My brothers and sisters the Spirit of the Lord is calling us back to the presence! We need to surrender to Him. We cant fake it, either we have it or we don't.
The israelites tried to fake it in 1st Samuel 4:4-7 thirty thousand of them died by the sword of the phillistines.
We are too busy with multiple programmes but where is the presence! ( Jer 2:13)
The Holy Spirit is reaching out to you today will you say yes?
O God forsake me not until i have shown thy strength unto this generation
and thy power to every one that is to come ( Psalm 71:18)

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Comment by Prophetess Dr. Teloria Williams on October 15, 2010 at 12:21am
God is bringing His covenant believers together. He wants us to launch out into the deep. As I write to you the spirit of the Lord is saying to me Don't go with what you see, just trust me to lead. Where i GUIDE-i WILL PROVIDE. . God Is Worthy. He is making up His jewels od is watching and waiting to see if the hearts of men are pure. His is sweeping through His churches. God is counting the faithful. It is all or nothing. I just want to be able to bow before Him and say thank-you. God Bless! Prophetess Pastor T We must lauch out into the deep.

Comment by Minister Kenneth S. Trice jr. on October 29, 2009 at 9:53pm
That is a word that all of TODAYS people need to hear. We are getting so caught up with the LOOK and the Now that we have forgot all about the basics of who we serve and how we serve him. I must say Amen to your word and Amen to the truth. God be with You.

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