Not all force is excessive-notes from an educator on the video sent on God's Appointed Millionaires

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A message from __________ to all members of God's Appointed - Millionaires on
Black Preaching Network!

Black female college at UW-Milwaukee student gets arrested in class for
disrespectful to her classmates. Police throws her to the floor and
slams the
cuffs on her. Check the video and tell us what you think?

Forward this email around, asap.


Here's what I think:

As an educator in High School, I'm more than a little disappointed: I thought after graduating and passing the SAT, the students would behave with a little more decorum and respect.

HOW is this young lady going to get a job with a foul mouth and a temper to match it? I'm sorry, I can't see how this was "unnecessary force." She was warned by the professor several times, she cursed like 10 sailors and was disruptive to the educational process. THAT was as unfair to the students in the class that had come to learn as it was to the professor that had prepared the lesson. She needs anger management AND to cool her jets with a suspension.

Racism is a tool of the devil. But, Big Mama said "right is right." This is NOT right.

Reggie Goodwin
"Reinvention is better than despair." (personal quote)
"The soul that is within me, no man can degrade." Frederick Douglass

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