#1 Jesus had to train them. The disciple asked to be taught how to pray!

The body of Christ is not commercialism or competition. We need not compromise with the word of God. It's time we refocus, we need adjustments and corrections. We are in an apostolic age the apostolic prophetic ministry is being restored. God was an apostolic because he sent his son Jesus to restore the world. Jesus was Apostolic because he sent his disciples to save! The letter killeth but the spirit gives life. And people who say we don't need this are not committed to the covering of the ministry. When we don't have this principle in place we actually are people running around without a father not knowing what to do. So you see bad seeds reproducing itself.

1Samuel 22:1 we see covering (David) Apostolic move God sending Moses to Egypt saying let my people go. Read Exodus 3

Exodus 18 Jethro a priest-spiritual man gives Moses advice on how to structure the ministry and Moses listened. (Old Testament)

New Testament: My people parish from a lack of knowledge (listen apostolic fathers know how to raise up sons and daughters to accomplish God's task)

1Cor 4:15&17 Paul writing to the church as a father writes to a son. Corinthian talks about instructors and teachers example: Timothy brings to your memory the ways of God. Apostolic fathers are ahead of you as far as the spiritual realm. And motivate you toward your calling communicating with tough love without killing your spirit. An apostolic father helps you achieve your vision he wants you to be successful.

Jesus reproduced himself in the 12 apostolic characteristics.
Jesus said you seen me you have seen the father (apostolic).
Peter goes where Dorca was and Dorcus gets up from the dead.(apostolic)
An apostolic does not hinder you from walking in your calling.
An apostolic father must have the heart of God and hungers and thirst for revelation. There is unhindered access to an apostolic father. Jesus was accessible to those who were in his ministry. God wants us to be healthy not premature. The Apostolic Father is able to bring nourishment his responsibility is to mature you to the glory of the kingdom.

2Cor. 12:12 says: signs of an apostle are one who walks with patience with signs and wonders.

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