Nothing is wrong with the world. Sorry for making this statement. But the more I study Jesus and His kingdom message, the more I realized that nothing is actually wrong with world. Let us examine this statement made by the King of kings; Matthew 9: 35-38

the Jesus said to his disciples, “the harvest truly is ripe but the harvesters or laborers are few. Pray you therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into His harvest…

According to the words of King of kings, everybody in the world is ripe or ready for harvest. They are all seeking for the kingdom. They want to part of the kingdom. The Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, scientologists, animists, politicians, prostitutes, bandits, lesbians, homosexuals, and even Christians are all seeking for the kingdom—they want to change. They are ready to change. Politicians are looking for God. Occultists are seeking for the power of God. UN Security Council is seeking for eternal peace. People everywhere are tired and sick of certain practices that is not solving their problems. They want the kingdom of God—they want to control their situations and circumstances. But there is a problem…

According to Jesus, nothing is wrong with the world (harvest) but something is wrong with the church (the harvesters). If the church cannot influence the society, the problem is not with the society but with the church. What could be wrong with the church (harvesters)? Why is the church not influencing and affecting every aspect of our society?

  1. The church has not spend enough time with the Lord of the harvest to understand the harvest
  2. The church is preaching the other gospels rather than the gospel of the kingdom (Matt. 10:7, Matt.24:14)
  3. The church does not care about the affairs or states of the world (Heavenly minded and of no earthly importance)
  4. The church hates the world—the church even fight and compete with the world
  5. The church has locked herself in well furnished, magnificent cathedrals praying for rapture to take only them to Heaven
  6. The church has reduce the power of the Holy Spirit to speaking just in tongues contrary to its original purpose in Acts 1.8
  7. The church is praying and teaching that everybody should leave the earth and go to Heaven contrary to the Lord’s prayer Matt 6:10
  8. The church has shifted the blame to Satan and are busy accusing the devil for poor governance
  9. Instead of going into all ethnic groups, culture, system and demonstrates the kingdom, the church wants the world to come to their cathedrals.
  10. The church is using one method (crusade) or tool to harvest different type of crops.— e.g. the church is using bulldozers to harvest groundnuts and cutlass to harvest beans

Friend, if you and I do not do anything to influence the world, nothing will be done. Someone has rightly said, “Evil only triumph when good men do nothing.” I think the church should stop thinking that something is wrong with world and accept their responsibility as the light of the world (Matt.5:14). Thank God for what the church has done so far but I strongly believe that the changes we are expecting to see in the world must begin in the church, and must be initiated by the church. This is our time. Thanks for understanding. Please ask questions.


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