we have conducted the oneday seminar with all pastors of the gcgm to share leadership who to build the village churches with new souls
when i invited them last month first week today tehy came and participate here at local church,some pastors who are serving remot areas arrived last night after finished their sunday service
becaue they have to do journey their village to our city morethen 50 to 60 km to Hyderabad city where is the gcgm local church.
among with our pastors some indipendant ministers joined with us, total all servents of the 29 pastors be attended at the time good gathering.our elders of the ministry arrangements good for them
chairs and table break time good Tea,first section i took message and time share time how to build their churches strong believers and get the every month New souls, who are doing hard work i apriciate them with small bibles
gospel tracks to distibute to all villages
after that we heard witness from all pastors and needs some pastors told us we are getting problems to travelling visit the villages so they need bikes every pastors...some pastors need somethings for their family ..because of
they are getting a little afferings by churchess not enough to feeding family children,God is great can do all things in Jesus name,all visitors pray for them if you want to do anythings please do now for Glory , we do pray for you all

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