Jesus stands at the door knock. Will you open it, then when you open it will you let him in. Then when you let him in will you give him your heart, then when you give him your heart will you let him rule and reign as Lord or your life. Then when you make the decision to let him completely be Lord of your life will you  trust him with your heart, your, life, and your plans. Will you love him, and allow him to direct you and listen to his instructions. Will you obey what he tells you, will you love him and your neighbor as yourself, will you turn from your wicked ways and seek his face, will you mind your own business praying for your sister/brothers, countryman, president, pastors and all in authority. Will you line your will up with the Holy Bible???????? Ask yourself, Do I pledge allegiance to the Lord, The God of heaven and earth without compromise, wavering, or doubt? HMMMMMM!!!Till Death do you part to eternity??

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