Last Saturday my wife and I went to Indianapolis, IN to minister at God's Grace Community Church. But the devil had other plans. He sent major migraine headaches my way yesterday morning which delayed us getting on the road. Then he attacked my head again when we were approaching the exit to get off on Emerson Avenue, the street the church was on. So I had to sit in the car for another 15 minutes to try and let my headache subside. Finally I said to my wife, "Let's just go". I put on sunglasses to shield the pain from the light and we went in.

There was a sweet atmosphere of love in the church when we walked in and we knew we were in "God's House"!! But my head was still banging at 130 decibels! They took us into a back room where we changed and prayed, battling this headache. The devil was attacking so hard that I forgot half of the first poem I was ministering. The attack was brutal. But when I sat down after the first poem "Victory", God showed me why the devil attacked me so hard and I forgot that next line. And He had me go back up and start right at that line and explain what happened to me that day. I finished the rest of the poem thanks to God but the awesome thing was that as I ministered the headaches started to subside! Hallelujah!! And the Holy Spirt was moving so strong that people were being delivered and set free from the devil's bondage.

Everyone who ministered was awesome. There were six choirs in all that went up. And the whole night was just a blessing! And from that night came more opportunities to go back to Indy and minister at other churches in the near future. God is so good all the time! He is constantly looking out for His people who love Him and are called according His purpose.

Whatever God has called you to do, do it with a fury that is relentless. Yes the devil is going to try and stop you because that's his job guys. But you can't let him stop you. No matter what, keep pushing forward and you will see your harvest in time if you stay focused on God!!


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