Rodrick Glover Encouraging Leaders, Adults, & Parents to Love and Protect our Children! Nationwide


We need parents and single adults to talk about Love, Sex and Healthy Relationships.  We must learn to Love and respect our selves in order to LOVE and respect our youth. It's time to change the next generation starting with the Adults, Parents and Leaders in the community. The purpose of the “Art of Loving Yourself?” session is to educate single adults and parents about how to strive for pure LOVE in a relationship.  We first want to teach the concept of LOVE, sex, healthy relationships and then encourage attendees to go out and help the younger generation in the Churches, families, Schools, homes, and Community.  Parents, Pastors, Youth Pastors, Single Adults, outreach workers, and teachers will benefit from this 2 hour session.   Let's give the parents and leaders the proper information or tools to talk to their own children about GOD, LOVE, sex and Healthy Relationships.

The CDC states that 87% of youth up to age 15 years are not sexually active, so why dont we develop programs that support our teens to save themselves until marriage and character development.  Majority data and statistics shows that  the majority of teens are abstaining from sex.  So why are programs trying to teach our teens how to have sex outside of marriage?

We must teach our teens about love, sacredness of sex, self control, and healthy relationships and help build their self esteem and self worth.  After training them to be leaders, we can then encourage teens to go minister to the next generation!!  We must teach our children the truth....what GOD says about love.  We must break the negative generational curses and lies that we have been told for years.  Now we know that Love is spiritual and not sexual.

Rodrick Glover loves our youth nationwide and is willing to fight to provide the information needed to parents that can save our youth.  He has been committed to saving our youth for over 20 years.  He is the number one speaker on Love and Relationships in the Country.  He has interactive dramas and workshops availble to support your youth programs.

We would like to help churches provide:

    1)  Workshops for Parents to talk about sex and healthy relationships with their teens

    2)  Youth Nights with Singers, Dramas,  Gospel rappers & Speakers for the teens for outreach in the community

    3)   Service Learning - Create a club for teens and encourage them create drama groups and give back to the yournger generation

    4)  Fundraiser for Youth Ministry

Meet Rodrick Glover below:

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