Well well Rev Antony thanks for this article, its good to hear that the church has Paula back as a pastor having been called back by her former husband.
My question is what steps were taken before arriving to this decision?Was the whole church involved or just a few?The church is not the personal property of the Whites, i speak this with all due respect to this servants of the Lord.I believe the church has able ministers who can lead the church even to greater heights.
But if the decision was all inclusive and backed by prayer so be it!But if its founded on selfish motives it will not auger well.America must turn back to God and stick to biblical principles alone and not worldly philosophies.

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Comment by Prophetess Yolanda O. Irons on August 25, 2009 at 12:08pm
Hi Rev, Luckett ... I don"t know what is going to happen to that , but Iam still saying that she should refocus and get real concerned about the souls . And you are right about it , people need to put their hope and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and stop glorifying these teleevangelists who are constantly tryingto fleece the body !
Comment by Prophetess Yolanda O. Irons on August 25, 2009 at 11:48am
I am not going to say whether or not God had His hand in Paula's taking over the ministry that she started with her former husband , but I do hope she would focus on the souls entrusted in her charge and stop talking about money and prosperity . Haven"t she heard that we are in a recession ? People are looking for hope and answers, looking for the Man and Woman of God , to give them some encouragement in these trying times . This is NOT the time to promote prosperity but promote Jesus Christ . There are souls hanging in the balance , waiting for a word to save their souls. I have stopped watching Paula's program because I got sick of all the prosperity messages and the way she manipulate the scriptures so she can trick people into "sowing " into her ministry .When she starts preaching and teaching the Word ... maybe I would look at her again . But I just want to say that it is sad to see people give the rest of us , who are living holy and preaching this word a real bad name .

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