Psycho social support to orphans and vulnerable children

Every year an increasing number of youths are "hanging out" with nothing to do
The result has been an increase in violence, drugs, diseases and crime among our youth population. Our non-profit charity was formed to counteract the negative influences affecting our youth by providing counseling, education, positive direction, and alternative methods of resolving issues affecting young people. The system has not yet devised ways of providing tangible assistance which would ensure that those who leave prison do not return. Due to the hostile environment after release, most prisoners end up relapsing and going back to prison –treating prison as a safe haven.


WCCC is committed to working with children and young people who are facing challenges in their youngest stage of life. We believe that access to basic services is an integral part of a right based approach to development.

Problem Statement

An assessment of the project area of the prisons found that a large number of young people in the correction institution because of rape cases, murder (passion killing) and robbery. For some of it is the second time in prison. We came to discover that, the causes of all these are: high poverty, lack of opportunity; lack of parental care, guidance and social support; and that most of the children being raised by grandmothers or single parent. In some cases drug abuse, alcohol abuse and irresponsible sexual practices prompt these you to drop out of the school and potentially enter a life of violence and engage in other anti socio behaviours.

Some of them in the correction institution are living with HIV/AIDS and TB that is the result of abusing drugs ,alcohol and sex and now they are living with life of depression ,some of them even try to commit suicide when the look at the length of time they will spend in prison.
Re-offence occurs because there is no proper follow up for former convicts they go back to their former life and join the same friends and environment and there is no rehabilitation centre for the ex- convicts for follow up in the country. Currently we are working in the correction institution in partnership with the Chaplaincy Unit of the prisons conducting psycho socio support to inmates, ex-convict and prison officers and their families

The WCCC is committed to work for the improvement of the plight of children and young people in Botswana, through information sharing, training, research, education and early intervention - Bridging the gap between theory, policy and practice. WCCC as a social justice organization working with and for children/young people aimed to achieve its mission through the following objectives;

Core Strategy:

To provide and deliver quality psycho socio support services and empower the affected people with life skills to sustain themselves and become fully integrated members of the communities without discrimination

Work in partnership with government agencies, NGOs, private organisations and interested entities to ameliorate plight of inmates and ex-convicts in their communities/families.

Assist in the development and promotion of public awareness and understanding regarding child’s rights instruments (conventions/Acts).

Promote full participation of children/young people in all sectors of national development.

Prevention strategy:

WCCC is committed to support young people who are facing challenges in their youngest stage of life to make a right decision that can prevent them to be involve in violence ,diseases, crime and others anti-social behaviours.

Intervention strategy:

WCCC works to enhance the correctional capacities of prisons in Botswana and foster smooth re-integration of ex-convicts into the general society. The organization is committed to support young people who are facing challenges in their youngest stage of life, especially those are in the correction institution and ex-convicts through psycho socio support, their will be the best people to share information and educate others young people to stop violence, crime and others anti-social behaviours in the communities after re-integration into the general society.

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