This is one of our branch church at another district Kurnool 3 hours journey from Hydrabad city, one of pastor doing ministry here with tribes people they dont have buildings liveing
all people staying here like this huts...they daily going to do a small work like collecting the wast papers and collecting the vegitables at market then buying people ..our pastor
who is serving here his name is Pastor PROMOD, prepareing to get marrage youung pastor hard worker .....every sunday school conducting with 35 poor children at the time bibel reading
songs memory verses ..
this is great church with powerful prayers daily GOD be wiht them ...children praying for ooo GOD give us good building here to construct the work ....yes amen their prayes hearing GOD...
we have the land here when GOD allowing me we do starts church ...buiding in our own place pray for that ....
beautifull huts church it is side photo ...when we got the ownland we did clenning and build this huts for church ..we are believing oneday we will get good great church.....still we have to do some work for it ....
people comeing to this church from sarounding 3 villages every sunday 90 people worshipping and new believers are comeing to hear word of God ...when our church people went to work at the time they are giveing witness other people
here is the pastor playing congos at sunday school children .still we didnt"giveing monthly support our prayer is when god sent able person then we do get it by faihfully .....
giveing their testmony with people at service ...please all visitors do pray for pastor.if GOD"s will he wants to marrage and good work for LORD saviour JESUS CHRIST. pray church need some work (now stopped) we have to appoint
one teacher here for these children need cloths daily wears...
see here iam takeing the baptismam class for people before get the baptismam after this we do go at lake to get baptismam .....
God bless you all visitors and thank you for your prayers..

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