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quepkidd: how was church tonight?
me: God is a good God
Get thee behind me satan
im pressin towards my destiny
11:34 PM im pressing towards my future.....
yes Lord
My future is calling me
thats why i dont have no long distance cause
MY UTURE is calling me
Can I preach for a min...?
11:35 PM quepkidd: i can never get enough preaching
me: Satan HAS got to let me go
he has no authority here
I rebuke you satan
for God has not givin me the spirit of fear
but of power
11:36 PM i have the ability to tread on the serpent
no weapon formed weapon....
no weapon
11:37 PM is gonna prosper
it shall not prosper
My future is callin me yall...
I gotta go
Ain't got time to be playin wit the devil
quepkidd: yeah yeah yeah
me: I ain't got time to be wrestlin with the devil
11:38 PM im pressin on
quepkidd: preach now. Say it say it. yeah
me: devil tryin to fool me
i ain't got time
i gotsta go
can ya hear that?
quepkidd: yeah
me: can you hear it? say hear what?
quepkidd: praise the Lord.
11:39 PM me: aint whisperin
quepkidd: hallelujah
praise the lujah
me: my future ain't sign languagin
my future is callin me
quepkidd: sign languaging?
ok mr harris
me: im opressin towards my destiny
Satan gotta leyt me go
im fit for the kingdom so I can't look back if you know what i mean
11:40 PM im not tryin to turn into a pile of dust
ask me why?
quepkidd: why?
me: cause my future is callin me......
i an't got time to be arm wrestling wit the devil
tryin to knock him off my shoulda
ask me why??
11:41 PM ask me why?
you gone ask me why?
11:43 PM im gettin excited you betta ask me why...
quepkidd: why?
me: cause the battle is not mine hallelujah
its the Lords...
He will never leave me
nor will he forsake me
im cova'd
ask ya neighbor r u covered..
11:44 PM im cover by his blood
im smothered in his love
i bathe uin his happiness
i rejoice in his peace
i stand on his rock
i believe in his word
im walkin in his faith
quepkidd: Neighbor? Are you covered? I'm covered!
11:45 PM me: satan has to get behind me...
im not playin no games...
ain't no two players
this aint playstation./.....
im fired up...
this a one player game
the devil gotta go
hwe gotsta go
and we have the power
11:46 PM to cast him out of our lives
tell ya neighbor i've got the power
to cast him out of my life
quepkidd: I've got the power
me: stand up and put'cha foot on the devils neck
tell'm you have no authority here devi;l
11:47 PM my steps are ordered by the Lord.
so you just gone have to get behind me satan
and while you back there let me go
cause my future is callin
11:48 PM cause im pressin towards my destiny
and i thank God, that you are apart of it....SWEE P!
quepkidd: :)
11:50 PM me: B-)
satans got ta go
say YES.
11:51 PM quepkidd: yea!
me: shout YES
aaaaaaaaa GLORYYY!!!!
quepkidd: gloray!

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